@Dusty "far right" in europe usually means a collectivist who agrees with the right on like 2 social issues

Add Tomi Lahren to the list of dipshits who still don't get the implications of not supporting Ukraine's fight to throw out the invaders. What is it with these conserva-thots and their inability to understand complex geopolitical issues?

Maybe it would be better if Candace Owens starts being the wife to her husband and stop trying to comment on geopolitics, which well beyond her ability to understand.

So I read that the ABC Network might be up for sale.

And another opportunity that conservatives (self-described) won't take advantage of.

If people are going to blame Ukraine for why Congress can't pass a budget then what would happen if the Russians then proceeded to invade Romania and Poland, which they have stated they would do if they get the chance?

No, the blame goes straight to the politicians we elected (and, by extension, us for not holding them accountable).

@republicnews. What I am waiting for is when the kids are grown and the love from the trans cult stops. The reality will set in and the regret begins. Have a feeling it will rear its head soon.

You know, there are so many good reasons to support Ukraine's fight to throw out the invaders. Unfortunately, so many of their "defenders" frame it in terms of woke nonsense that, I believe, has fostered an even stupider counter reaction from certain "conservatives" who, ironically, parrot the same talking points from not only Russia from also such luminaries like Iran, North Korea, etc..

We're living in Upside Down World.

Ukraine is being ill-served by many of its "defenders".

Magatards are what give life to leftist conspiracy theories about Trump and Russia.

I really don't understand how the ballot measure in Ohio had anything to do with abortion. Maybe there were other reasons why it did not pass.


University of Florida officials massively downplayed the scale of their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) programs in official filings to Ron DeSantis, one of the governor's appointees has alleged to DailyMail.com.

Christopher Rufo, a DeSantis education hire, accused university bosses of 'lying through their teeth to the governor' by declaring they had some 30 DEI schemes costing $5million a year - when they were really running more than 1,000.

Just how does this fool Jimmy Dore believe that caping for Russia, China, Lula and Maduro is going to help the "working class", who he claims to care about?


A former pro-transgender activist said she regretted her previous work in pro-transgender activism, adding she felt she was "indoctrinated" on gender ideology in an interview with Fox News Digital.

"I started to realize that what I had been doing at my job at the LGBT Center, it was grooming," Kay Yang, a former employee of a location in New York, said. Grooming in this context means "to get into readiness for a specific objective."

In a surprising change of tune Monday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has apparently agreed to advance Sweden's bid for NATO membership announced NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg.

According to a NATO press statement Erdogan agreed take the ratification process to Turkey's Parliament for advancement as soon as possible.


Let me make this as clear as possible:

If Iran tests a nuclear device, we should massively bomb every location related to the production of anything even remotely related to their nuclear program back into the primeval soup.

They may have a right to develop whatever they want and we have the right AND the obligation to protect ourselves from these crazy fucks.


@umad80 @watch4thedrop @Dawnz

I find it amusing when people who have no shame shout "Shame!"

CNN PANICS Over BASED Judge Ruling Biden Violated Constitution & STOPPING CENSORSHIP With Big Tech


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