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I sincerely do not understand all these kids, alone, at the border. Newscasts touting the courage and compassion of their parents wanting a better life for them. Honey, as a parent you could not pry my kids from my arms much less find me handing them over to a runner. That's not how a responsible parent acts. Your responsibility is to see that your kid is safe. Cared for. Loved. I see none of that in this monumental dumping of children at our border.

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'They want a permanent servile class dependent upon the govt & the technocracy who will stupidly vote for whatever talking head will keep pumping them 'free money'. An independent middle class is a threat to their agenda."

You know it.


I really apologize for this one. Horrible sight but must be seen

yes i do have a VPN. for a long time i could get on with the VPN. mayve that is the problem now.thanks

what is wrong with my ipad? i have rebooted it twice now. very annoying

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i can no longer get on this site bc i get a 403 forbidden error on my ipad. i can get on fine on my husbands computer. anyone know what's wrong? have i been banned?

This site has some problems today. Is it political?

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For 4 years President Trump offered them an olive branch and gave 'em a chance to do the right thing.

The commie/globalist/uniparty and fascist shit birds slapped it away and spit on it.

Given a peaceful transition of power in 2016 President Trump could've produced at least 10 times as much good for the US and the world as he did.

They stole his first term.

They stole this election.

After he squashes these thieving bastards he deserves another term in 2024.

After all, fair's fair. 😁

Anyone hear a rumor about the president of Italy being arrested for his part in election fraud?

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If the President has all of this damning evidence, just how is he supposed to get into the eyes of America? MSM nor tech giants would allow him to use their platforms. How is he supposed to get the word out? I am very worried that no one will see his evidence.

For once in my like, I would love to be there when the shit hits the fan!

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