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Stumbled on this at twitter. I haven't read all of it yet, like always I'm skeptical but somebody went through a lot to put this together

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1. To those worried about the Democrats 'stealing the election', don't be.

Trump had this covered a long time ago.

Don't get me wrong, it's a legit concern. Nothing is beyond them.

However, in early 2018 Trump tasked DHS with unprecendented power to put in place defenses to Democrat schemes.

Just my opinion, but they learned a lot in the 2018 mid-terms and decided to keep gathering evidence all the way to today.


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I think some straight up traitors are starting to turn on the Biden charade as a means of self preservation.

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Morning Reader Data Points:

National Daily Black Likely Voter Job Approval For @POTUS
- October 19-23, 2020

Mon 10/19 - 25%
Tue 10/20 - 24%
Wed 10/21 - 31%
Thu 10/22 - 37%
Fri 10/23 - 46%


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Updated information today from Wisconsin's early voting and VBM numbers continue to show steady strength, with a consistent GOP lead.


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An additional comment on today's Florida numbers from Cotto/Gottfried:

"This afternoon, FL-Dems are dropping like a steel-encased stone with combined VBM and in-person early voting numbers. Their lead is now down to 391,435."


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Also, good news from Georgia in early voting, with the GOP maintaining a solid lead.

It should be pointed out again that the Dems almost always lead in early voting in the majority of states.


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@umad80 @stephanieanne

The sudden trip by cranky Klobuchar to Florida is a good indicator of the level of worry among the Democrats, as the early vote, the Biden criminal scandal and Joe's debate flop ring the alarm bells.

She is a poor speaker anyway, but the Dems don't have much choice.

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@JM @wziminer @timr @masterblaster @Lonestar

I just watched this on YouTube & loved it. For those who enjoy WWII history, I think you will enjoy this. It reminds me of my parents era.

The D-Day Darlings take on Vera Lynn CLASSIC


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@timr @rarity @watch4thedrop @Jaime

This thread on actual vote totals is really very valuable, and much appreciated.

Actual data is important. Actual votes. Actual results.

Trends appear positive.

But the left, like all vampires, must be killed, dismembered and vaporized. Otherwise they emerge from their tombs at the next satanic ritual...

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BREAKING: The Biden family is profiting from the Coronavirus hysteria thru Joe Biden son-in-law's China-backed venture capital fund for healthcare startups. At the same time, this same son-in-law is advising the Biden campaign on COVID strategy,raising conflict-of-interest flags

Rofl. Wow.

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