All video conference meetings using Zoom run through data centers in mainland China. Just thinking about that boggles the mind, especially since we’re all working from home now.

“Zoom, one of the most anticipated tech IPOs of the year, has one key profit driver: engineers in China”


I would put the RAT Party on a par with China as an enemy of the USA. Two sides of the same coin.


I didn’t like some of the stuff I was seeing about Zoom so I passed and went with Crowdcast instead. Glad I did.


Zoom can't handle more than 100 people in a meeting at once. Last week, we had a county staff meeting on Zoom. After 100 people joined in, the rest started getting kicked out. It was chaos and confusion so they had to cancel the meeting. Now, we only use Google Meet.


The problem we've had using both Zoom and Crowdcast is that they optimize the audio stream for speaking and there's no way to bypass that. I did a mini-concert today on Crowdcast and the sound was great -- when I was talking. But as soon as I started playing my autoharps it sounded like crap.

There used to be a site called "Concert Window" that was great for live concerts but they went belly-up and there isn't anything comparable (that doesn't cost an arm and a leg).

I just downloaded that app a week ago because my daughter’s 5th grade teacher is holding class meetings on Zoom. Ugh.


I had to go on zoom for an SBA meeting today. After I read this, ran a malware test and trashed the application


Zoom is a US based company and has been blocked by China as of September 2019. The Chinese are now using a Chinese internal version of Zoom in China. Yes the creator is Chinese but I don't think he has any connection otherwise they would not have block Zoom.


Interesting. This article was dated 3/2019. I wonder what happened to all of those engineers who worked there.

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