Live Tweeting and taking selfies in a closed committee hearing. These Democrats are a piece of work.

“In a strange incident, Ms. Hicks‘ attorney, Robert Trout, asked lawmakers to stop taking selfies during the hearing.

“There are a number of people taking pictures here and I just want to say that I think it’s making the witness uncomfortable,” Mr. Trout said, calling it “a courtesy.””


Rules are for everyone else ...

"Ted Lieu, California Democrat, also engaged in a testy exchange. Mr. Collins called out his colleague for live-tweeting the hearing in defiance of Chairman Jerrold Nadler’s order that the hearing must remain confidential."


How Ted Lieu has a job, any job, is a complete mystery. He’s such an idiot.

“Mr. Lieu fired back that he was tweeting because objections raised by attorneys representing Ms. Hicks and the White House were “so absurd.”

“Do you have trouble understanding the chairman?” Mr. Collins shot back.”



Ah. True. Completely forgot about the California factor.

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