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This says it all ... he wants all the FREEEEEEEE stuff.
And wants you and me to pay for it.

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@Baline @JM

7,452 died in the US on the day of the Dimm debates.

Deadlier than Corona Virus, SAR and 9/11.

Obviously, Democrats are bad for the national health.

We need to quarantine Democrats and prevent them from Debating in public to reduce the mortality rate.

And this is how you manipulate statistics to serve your narrative.

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Those pushing Corona virus fear porn are assholes.

Those buying it are plain stupid.

There is no way around that.

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L: Smiling Iranian officials claim to be coronavirus positive

R: Ordinary Iranians infected with the coronavirus & fighting for their lives

Welcome to Iran under the mullahs' regime, where millions are deprived while regime use up all the resources...

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Sometimes I wonder what President Trump might accomplish if he wasn't faced with the 24/7/365 Democrat and media resistance.

It is indeed a sad state of affairs when one of the parties prefers to harm the country and its people because they refuse to accept a peaceful transfer of power as legitimately voted by the people.

The Democrat, now Socialist party has done more to damage our Republic than the Russians ever could in their wildest dreams.

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Where are the original Flynn 302s and why will the FBI not produce them?

DoJ needs to withdraw the charges if there's anyone with decency left.


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@Bunniesmommy It's great to have such a stunning First Lady in the White House again. ❤️

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For tonight’s state dinner at the presidential palace in New Delhi, First Lady Melania Trump wore a beautiful pink Carolina Herrera gown.

@FLOTUS tops her look off with gold earrings by Indian jeweler Amrapali and pink flats by Aquazzura. So glamorous

12:44 PM · Feb 25, 2020·Twitter for iPhone

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Bloomberg caught himself from saying he 'bought' House races in 2018 at the last split second!

Bloomberg described how he spent $100 MILLION getting 21 out of the 40 new Demonrats elected: “...I bough...I got them”

Bloomberg bragged about how he helped Demonrat candidates flip House seats held by Republicans.

Social media platforms caught Bloomberg’s near truthful confession!

“Wow!! He’s admitting he BOUGHT those seats! OMG!" Donald Trump Jr. tweeted.

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"Voters can provide their social security number and other information to get a free Virginia Voter Photo Identification Card, but some legislators said that service is unknown to many."

It's better to cry foul and spend millions to revert to no foto UD than to do a simple mailing telling voters how to obtain a FREE one?

Miserable lying bastards.

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Trump is master of the game

Col Joe:
For those who aren’t paying attention, President ’s trip to
And it’s a GREAT move.
Politically and militarily, it tells Pakistan
that we are DONE playing nice and trying to bribe them while they stab us in the back.
Economically is telling China
that we won’t need them... if they don’t cooperate in trade talks.
This is potentially the biggest strategic shift we’ve seen in two or three generations.

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Pictures of Melania and Ivanka.

Melania dazzles in a $3,000 pink Carolina Herrera gown and jewels from a Jaipur designer at a state dinner in New Delhi - while Ivanka pays homage to Indian fashion in an ornate outfit by a local brand

First lady Melania wore a demure floor-length, long-sleeved $2,990 pink dress for the event

Ivanka was also in attendance; she wore an embellished white ensemble

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More pictures

Melania Trump attends a happiness class and receives a traditional tilaka forehead mark as she expresses her delight at the warm welcome on her first trip to India

Melania visited a local school in New Delhi to observe a happiness class
It was part of her Be Best campaign that promotes well-being of children
'This is my first visit to India and I cannot express how delightful it is. The people here are so welcoming and so kind,' she said

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**Spain reports first coronavirus case on mainland, hotel in Canaries locked down**

"Spain discovered its first case of the coronavirus on the mainland on Tuesday after a four-star hotel in the Canary Islands was locked down for tests when a guest, and then his wife, were found …"

#news #bot

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Similar experience. My 3 kiddos are now grown in college. Never in the past 2 decades have I had anti-microbial soaps or cleaners in the house - I will not have them as they promote anti-microbial resistance. We use simple soaps like Dove squirts or generic basic soaps. The key is the physical actions involved in hand and body washing. Flooding with lots of water, simple soap making dirt and microbes "slippery", vigorous rubbing, more water to wash away the lubricated crap.

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@WarriorPoet @dmk

Bleach plus anything but water equals bad. It is one of those rare formulations that hit supreme efficacy quite a while ago. Does not require enhancement; in fact enhancement = bad. Don't mess with it with fancy combinations. Tried and true, diluted to household strength, classic Clorox bleach does this: it scythes with a thousand tiny swords every organic substance in its path immediately on contact, with no collateral damage (except for dyed fabrics). Finis.

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Yep, not consistently, proven, and/or immediately. Correct.

You can rely on other cleansers if desired to get big chunks of gunk off things (like mildew deposits).

Microscopically, what tears up all is bleach.

Best, D

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It is flu and cold season, and Quods are sharing info on dealing with it. As a 30 year scientist in the medical field, want to share some practical home cleaning info.

The best cleaning and disinfecting approach, hands down, is bleach with lots of water. Bleach kills live bacteria and microbes, and dismantles non-alive viruses, by acting like chemical scissors. Bleach does not poison, it rips, literally.

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