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@REX Being unfamiliar with this option I looked it up. For those who also don't know here it is:

(PS I love this forum! I learn so much!!)

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"The general who advances without coveting fame and retreats without fearing disgrace, whose only thought is to protect his country and do good service for his sovereign (God and country) is the jewel of the kingdom."
...Sun Tzu

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Mexican officials say they are ready to accommodate deported migrants, following U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s crackdown on illegal aliens.

Mexico’s foreign minister assured potential deportees will not face further legal action once they re-enter Mexico.

He also said they will have opportunities to rebuild their lives once they return.

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In December, I was deeply concerned if I should go back to Korea at all, and started looking for other jobs. But the money was great and I like the crazy pace. By February, the clouds broke and hope flooded me and the rest of the country as Koreans marched under a unified flag at the Olympics. Many of us thought it would be canceled or a shit show with PRC looming, but it was a magnificent spectacle. And then I hated my Dec fear, because I spent all of March on the road for nothing.


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Two big takeaways from this:
1.No leaks!! Bribery has only been a recent no-no in ROK. Finding out your first female president has been corrupted by a legit cult while a corrupt captain killed hundreds of kids in a boating accident will do that. How in the world has ROK become leak-proof? I think the answer is simple. They don’t know. While Trump is letting Moon take the credit with leading to Korean peace, only Trump and Kim know what’s happening in DPRK.

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@ThomasWic @umad80 @DuaneCates

For a comment to be racist, it must be false.

Falsity is the key characteristic.

If the statement isn't false, it's not racist. It may be shocking, even offensive, but NOT racist.

Being lectured to by the likes of Omar and Tahlib on democracy, is akin to being lectured to by the Grand Wizard of the Klan on racial harmony.

Trump is absolutely correct to expose these people and shove their hypocrisy straight back down their throats. We need more of it.

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@StarLasswell @Lisa22


A 17-year-old "social media influencer" was just murdered by a 21-year-old fellow influencer.

He killed her with a knife in his car and then posted the photos.

There was almost no reaction in the comments. Just "WTF" and "RIP."

YOUR reaction is normal. I've watched only one beheading video, just to prove that another one was fake.

Too many young people today are utterly abnormal in their reactions to suffering.

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I love silent films because they have scenes that are far more relatable than what happens in today's uptight culture.

An early Harold Lloyd film.

As he flirts with a woman in a theater, he absentmindedly grabs the foot of the woman behind him and starts swinging it.

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I think we'll get back to the days of humor and lightheartedness.

"Sorry! I didn't mean to grab and swing your foot, lady!"


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Nobody calls Lloyd a sexist, and the woman whose foot he grabbed is nobody's victim.

The whole thing is just FUNNY.

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Stable genius at it again.

He knows that being called a racist is nothing to him, but when D's start leveling that at each other, it's massively destructive.

Now the AOC klan have to face those charges, while simultaneously Pelosi finds herself, however willingly, on the side of Prez who is defending her.

Now what does Pelosi and regular D's do? Who do they side with?

Troll level: infinity.

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@Lisa22 @wziminer @ThomasWic

"Speaker Nancy Pelosi has announced a resolution to condemn President Trump’s mean tweets towards the radical “Squad” members. ..."

As a Jew, I want to know where's Nanzi's resolution rebuking the Squad for their ant-Semitic comments/rants about Jews & Israel!

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8. NONE of the attacks on Trump are working anymore. They play to people who hate Trump already and don't persuade independents.

PLUS, Trump will continue to hammer away at the Dems, as well as throw out baits to them, with twitter and in other ways, fomenting division and civil war within the Dem ranks.

It will be interesting to see what happens. After this repudiation of her authority, Pelosi will presumably give us an indication in the next 24/36 hours.

The end.

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1. Trump's genius at work.

'Hold out baits to entice the enemy. Feign disorder, and crush him.' - Sun Tzu, The Art of War

The Justice Democrats sure took Trump's bait. This press conference was also a direct snub at Nancy Pelosi.

This is a Democratic Party, in civil war and freefall.

And a massive headache now looms for Pelosi and Schumer. What are their options?

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