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@watch4thedrop You should be. It's lack of education. People have no clue what Anesthesiologists do either, because on the medical TV shows, the Anesthesiologist is always standing immobile behind a surgical curtain saying "The Vitals Are Dropping" and the know-nothing surgical resident starts running the show when all hell breaks loose. It's annoying. If it helps, I appreciate you, and obviously so does @HunDriverWidow.

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@wziminer @watch4thedrop @HunDriverWidow

Thank you for doing what is right. I used to case manage children with complex medical needs for a program in our state that would help cover the cost of therapies, equipment, etc that their private plans did not cover. I would appeal all their insurance denials if it was something their plan denied that should have been covered. After a while the insurance people all knew my name. I would hear, “It’s that ___ from___!! 😁😁

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@HunDriverWidow @wziminer like i said, hippa is just to screw healthcare professionals. 10,000 fine if you accidentally say someones meds too loud at the pharmacy or deliver it to the apt next door by accident and a neighbor sees it. google data mines millions of records? not even a fine.

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@wziminer @watch4thedrop

HIPPA laws?

"Google reveals ‘Project Nightingale’ after being accused of secretly gathering personal health records. The company says it’s all above board ..."

Google secretly gathered millions of patient records across 21 states on behalf of a health care provider, in an effort dubbed “Project Nightingale,” reports The Wall Street Journal. Neither the provider’s doctors nor patients were made aware of the effort, according to the report.

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@drawandstrike Thanks for the link. I'll be donating also. I met David last year. He's an awesome young man & an excellent speaker.

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All right then.

it is.

They think they can silence real journalists who expose corruption & illegal human organs sales by criminal organizations like Planned Parenthood?

They're wrong.

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From @HermannTertsch

"A Tesla accident in Tyrol (Austria) reveal the environmental nightmare of the electric car hidden by all. The firefighters had the car inside a pool because of the combustion. Later the battery descended into a cascade process of toxic chemicals without control."

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@timr @Debradelai @loc1000 @karnage @REX

No doubt and the impeachment hearings are doing justifiable damage but, people need to understand this will be no easy win. People have to get their asses up and get to the polls.

LA has an estimated population of 4.7 million and we lose the governorship by 45,000 votes. That is pathetic especially in a state that holds the majority in every other political seat. I'm sure Senator Kennedy was spitting fire watching this happen.

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@Debradelai @loc1000 @karnage @REX @timr

Alarming to see so many seats open in 2020.

Incumbents retiring from the House. This isn't going to be a slam dunk in getting the House back. We've got hard work ahead to insure that we gain and not lose one single seat.

Democratic Party 5
Republican Party 16

More lists here:

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@Elaines2cents @REX @timr

As long as a sizeable number continues their muh GOP cant and insist upon unelectable candidates who pass some arcane and useless ideological test...that remains elusive.

These morons cost us the Senate in 2010 and 12 and the House in 18.

And the beat goes on.

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@Debradelai @REX @timr

I certainly do not want to live through another 4 years of torment and the stalling of Trump's efforts. I've had quite enough. I can only imagine where our country could go if Trump's policy decisions are actually enacted without stonewalling from Dims every step of the way. We have to take back the House and not just a majority of it, a super majority.

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@REX @timr

Far from it, my friend.

Without GOP control in Congress, Trump is no more than a Christmas decoration on a house in Pennsylvania Ave.

He is the leader of the GOP and he needs the GOP to get reelected and (more importantly) to govern.

An attack on the GOP is an attack on Trump.

There is no way around that.

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Hold on a second though. _Vindman_ testified that he'd suggested changes to the call transcript that were not incorporated into the final version.

@Dust_Off70: "So here's another NYT trash piece confirmed as FAKE NEWS. They claim according to "3 sources" that Vindman attempted to make corrections to transcript but failed. That is refuted by Morrison's testimony! ha! "

(H/T @drawandstrike RT )

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Now the Democrats admit they will not convince the public with these show trials. Yet they continue to throw themselves off the cliff. Compulsive self-destruction.

CNN, the cesspool chronicle, is obviously furious about it. But they know it's true.

"Top Democrats privately concede major shift in public opinion on impeachment is unlikely"


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@drawandstrike is urging people to donate to The Center of Medical Progress.

They are the ones who did the undercover videos that exposed Planned Parenthood for trafficking baby parts. They are currently mired in a court case. I just donated.

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US Coast Guard seizes 5,000lbs of cocaine worth $69million after intercepting a narco submarine in the Pacific Ocean

The US Coast Guard Cutter Harriet Lane intercepted the drug-trafficking vessel
The incident took place just before midnight on October 23 in the Pacific Ocean
Video shows Coast Guard crews removing bales of cocaine from the vessel
The cocaine was said to have weighed 5,000 pounds and be worth $69million

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What a miserable bitch.

She is not a hostage in Tehran.
She is not a casualty of Clinton's incompetence in Benghazi.

She is a political operative allied to the people who gave us the hostages in Iran and the corpses in Lybia.

A mystifying, two-faced, lying gargoyle with no morals, principles or sense of decency.

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