Ace Forecaster Bastardi: “Something We Used to See In 1970s”, Warns Of “Spectacular Cold”

@RonOgletree Is this the same forecaster you showed up during the hurricane. I think it is, but not sure.

As I get older, time flies. The hands on the clock spin! With one exception. Saturday night, in my case Sunday morning, seems to slowly creep onto the scene. In a swish, two hours with Saul and Thomas are gone. And again, I wait for next week. I love Beard Blather! My thank you to the two beards, you guys rock! 💥💥💥

53 rescue dogs survive near catastrophic crash landing on golf course, first responders adopt 'miracle' canines

Would any here at SQV in the know and have the time to look at this, is this an accurate explanation? I am not knowledgeable in the crypto world.

The Con Behind The Crypto Blood Bath – Dirty Secrets Revealed


Thinking of my favoritist afar neighbor this morning cuz I’m baking banana and zucchini bread and cinnamon rolls! ❤️💕❤️

A change of pace from the rat race we are living, let’s have some home comfort! ❤️☕️❤️

“BETTER THAN STARBUCKS! Fall Spice Latte At Home”

A cringy chuckle for your Friday morning. Happy Day! 💥

“Kari Lake-approved satire torches Maricopa Co, Kamala Harris becomes collateral damage”

Just surfed the headlines and am here now for sanity! It’s a hot mess in this world. Blessings on this very important voting day everyone!

This made me smile this morning. Will she go to Truth Social?

Kathy Griffin's Twitter account gets suspended after impersonating Elon Musk, new CEO announces strict rules against impersonations

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