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For 9 years dozen of thousands of children are slaughtered. Millions of Syrian became refugees.
That catastrophe took place mostly during the shift of US administration you were part of.
I don't recall you said anything about it.

Hey there @ananavarro - speaking as the sole woman at the table after @speakerpelosi stormed out- here’s hoping we get lots of “bad-ass” women elected who aren’t afraid to stay in the room and actually debate policy.

Oh, and get yourself some glasses.

If they did nothing wrong, they have nothing to fear.
Barr will cripple the entire intelligence community if that's what it takes to defend this president in the name of theocracy. Uh, I mean, democracy.

Then arrest the hag instead of talking about it.
Just how bad was Hillary Clinton’s email scandal? Sen. Grassley reports final review found 38 employees culpable for 91 separate security violations plus 497 more violations for which no individual was found culpable.

The *KEY* takeaway from the NBC article is the admission the intelligence community is "tracking" John Durham, reporting back to allies in/outside government, and then using third parties to leak their opinion to the media.

Quite an open, albeit unintentional, admission.

What a crock of BS.
Every day, people are forced to choose between going to school or work, or staying home because they can’t afford the menstrual products they need.

Pads, tampons and cups should be available tax-free, across the nation.

Ocasio-Cortez: "We need an, uh, uh, a United States that really, truly, and authentically, is operated, owned, and decided by ... all people in the United States of America"

AOC is essentially suggesting that property should be public property

That is a core belief of communism

‘The revenge of the State Department’

Remember, Mueller #2 Weissmann was “in awe” of Sally Yates when she defied Trump’s immigration order that was ultimately upheld by SCOTUS

The Deep State is very real, very active, and permeating every agency

Remember, when one side exempts itself from the law while seeking to enforce the law on you, there is no law. There is only power, which you have no moral obligation to eschew.

That presidential candidates are even entertaining the idea that men can have periods proves how f’ing stupid things are today

If Medicare is so great why does everyone on it have to buy supplemental insurance?

I’m seriously tired of you morons today.

NEWS FLASH Mitch McConnell: There's nothing in Constitution that requires acting on articles of impeachment from House. Zip. Zero. Nada. And Senate rules requiring 2/3 vote to not take them up can be nuke-optioned. Or Senate could simply dismiss the case. So why r u capitulating?

Vassar asks a really pertinent question.

"Why Russia?" I mean for 50 years lefties LOVED Russia . . . when it was the USSR.

This is the rub: they HATE that Russia turned its back on communism. Modern Russia is worse than another "bad" nation: it's a full repudiation of leftism

Austria takes their war against Islam to a whole new level by closing 7 mosques, expelling imams and cutting off Foreign- funding from Muslims.

Choosing National Security over socialist internationalism and politically correct posturing.


Everyone who thinks these investigations will help Trump are sadly mistaken. They are still looking for evidence to throw him out of office.
Review of Russia Inquiry Grows as F.B.I. Witnesses Are Questioned - The New York Times

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