Fox, CNN, C-SPAN barred from live coverage of South Carolina Democratic 2020 convention. More censorship by Democrats.

@MitziDee why? Are they cheating again? Why’d I even ask. Of course they are

@MitziDee Limiting it to one network makes it easier to control and edit. This strikes me as par for the course with regard to the Socialists and their future dictatorship desires. We will see what they want us to see, nothing more.



Actually it's called "suicidal stupidity."

What could they possibly hope to gain by limiting their audience?

The answer is "Nothing."

They're achieved peak irrationality. Trump has already won.

@ThomasWic @MitziDee

Was listening to David Webb this morning reporting from the rally site.

He says peple there are calling this Trumpstock 2020.

Yu are entirely correct Thomas, it is all over except the crying. But vigilance is our calling as well. Just like the 3rd Army following Patton.


I wonder what they’re saying about this at CNN? They have been loyal scribes for the DNC all these years and now kicked to the curb.

And C-SPAN? I can see Fox, but C-SPAN?

Thomas is right. Trump has already won.


Seem like this could become a problem for the DNC. I’m not the smartest cookie. But freedom of speech could come into play. Like we can’t hear them speak in a free and fair way. How about freedom of the press. IDK but it seems so wrong.

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