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Seems Ilhan Omar invited Guhaad Hashi to her campaign kickoff tonight.

Hashi is a convicted *stabber*.

@ilhanMN used him in 2016 to intimidate local Somalis from speaking about her marriages.

Read here for background:

Still waiting . . .
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Here’s your daily reminder that Barack Obama used the FBI to spy on the opposing party’s presidential campaign and not a single reporter in America has asked him what he knew and when he knew it.

If he knew, that’s easily the biggest political scandal in American history.

Take her out to dinner, perhaps? 😁
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BREAKING: ‘Take her out’: recording reviewed by ABC News appears to capture Trump at private dinner telling associates he wants Ukraine ambassador fired

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BREAKING: Project Veritas releases deposition tapes showing that American Federation of Teachers - National wants to bleed Project Veritas dry.

In response, @Project_Veritas has just issued a subpoena for @AFTUnion President @rweingarten.

Too bad very few people will learn this. None of it means anything until the DOJ indicts someone. And they show no inclination to do that, so all of this is for nothing.
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Wow. Stay tuned...

“Laura Ingraham shows emails tying alleged Ukraine whistleblower to Obama White House meeting on Burisma”

Duh! Which is why it should've never happened.
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A general point that needs to be made: it is not President Trump's responsibility to provide unlimited witnesses until Democrats are satisfied he's innocent.

They've made it clear: they will never believe he's innocent regardless.

That's what we elected you to do. You are failing at your job!
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Keep sharing, folks. Americans need to see the truth about the Democrats' case.
They have no real evidence - only assumptions.

Yep. Giving the Democrats an extra day was STUPID!
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BREAKING: White House concerned TV viewing of impeachment trial by the general public will plummet when Trump defense lawyers argue their case on Saturday, even if TV networks agree to preempt regular programming for the coverage as they did for Democrat arguments during the week

Which is why it was STUPID to give the Democrats an extra day. The GOP are fking losers in everything they do. Idiots.
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How much you wanna bet Fake News CNN won't air live President Trump's defense starting tomorrow, like they have been Pencil Neck the last few days?

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If Republican senators call a single witness demanded by Schiff without requiring the public testimony of Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, and Eric Ciaramella, then they deserve to be destroyed in November.

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The same class of experts that claim Trump is the biggest threat to global security have been lying about what’s going on in Afghanistan for years.

The Afghanistan scandal continues to unfold: Lies, coverups, blunders. But sure, trust the NatSec experts.

Another letter. Sure am glad all those letters he's written have led to indictments. Oh, wait!
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Grassley Letter Asks Whether Taxpayers Paid For Russia Collusion Hoax

See, the DOJ is a toothless tiger.
Ukrainian Lawmaker Admits in Recording That Government Agency Linked to Soros Was Helping Hillary Clinton in 2016 Election

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@GenFlynn DNI James Clapper called David Ignatius of WashPo around Jan 10, 2017 and said: "Take the kill shot on Flynn"
On Jan 12, 2017 Ignatius leaked information allegedly provided by ONA's Baker of @GenFlynn's call with Russian ambassador, causing Flynn to resign on Feb 13, 2017 /102

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It’s not foreign aid.
It’s a money-laundering scheme.
Send US money abroad
Launder it
Pay yourself and your kids back in US.

That’s why they are trying to take out Rudy. He followed the money trail.

Sadly, there won't be any indictments against the IC or Democrats. But just watch what they do to Trump. Indictments will be flying out the DOJ's butt as soon as his Presidency ends.
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Where are the God damned indictments????? @GenFlynn @SidneyPowell1 @1GigiSims @marklevinshow @BarbaraRedgate @GoJackFlynn @SaraCarterDC @CBS_Herridge @flynn_neill

“Good job,” @LindseyGrahamSC tells @RepAdamSchiff as the impeachment trial wraps for the day. “Very well spoken.”

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