Sun Tzu.
One of the Democrats' schemes in this impeachment charade has been to prevent China from doing a trade deal with Trump. But China is hurting and they are bleeding manufacturing. They know impeachment will fail and they are ready to deal.

Elizabeth Warren wants to tax billionaires out of existence.

I have a better idea.

How about a politician wealth tax?

Make every politician file a financial statement before they become elected and then pay tax on the wealth gained after assuming office!

When Democrats dont have the votes, they ask for fairness because that is according to conservative principles-

When Democrats do have the votes, they take away fairness because that is according to Democrat principles

Tucker Carlson on Abuse of H-1B Visa System and F-1B Visa

"In other words we're going to 'staple a green card to their diploma,' you probably heard that phrase recently."

Tucker then slams these programs that replace American workers with foreigners as "America Last."

Final DoJ document filed in DACA lawsuit is a bombshell: Says the law does not allow agencies to create so many work permits.
OK, so what law allows the H4 EAD, & OPT/CPT work-permit programs?
Good news for US tech grads, big problem for tech investors.

What happened to California and Colorado has now happened to Virginia. Pennsylvania will be next.

This article should be "stapled like a green card" to the eyeballs of the GOP:

The thing to remember about Nikki Haley is that she always supports her most important cause: Nikki Haley.

If she thinks Trump will be removed from office, she does a panel with John Brennan.

If she thinks Trump survives, she's suddenly .

Agree with the Dems analysis. If GOP thinks impeaching Trump gets them 2020/2024, they're wrong. They impeach, the party dies. They'll be wiped out in the general. Nobody wants a President Pence or Haley.

What is impeachment really about?
The Dems don't think they'll win in 2020 so they want Trump gone now.
The GOP establishment is not sure about 2024. Do they get the party back for Pence/Haley?
Or do they get DJT Jr? In which case, they might just impeach Trump now.

Selling Christian's as slaves! What the . . .
Dear Christians: it's a culture war. Time to start fighting it.

This is sad and maddening! Another church burned.

2019 will always be remembered as the year "the electric outlets failed" in Christian churches in France....

AND in Holland ...

AND all over Europe...

AND in Copt churches in Egypt too.

Tweet from Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 (@JackPosobiec)

Folks, everyone knows I am friends with Roger Stone and I've never tried to hide that or anything because I believe in transparency

That said, there is very little chance a DC jury lets him walk

This most likely positive outcome is a pardon or commutation from President Trump

How is this a crime? The emails were all over Twitter long b4 Trump ever mentioned them. Good lord, our judiciary system is as corrupt as the government.
Rick Gates testifies that Roger Stone gave Trump campaign updates on WikiLeaks hack

Any guesses on the verdict?
BREAKING: The Special Counsel team has rested in the Roger Stone trial. Defense to wrap up soon. Closing arguments tomorrow afternoon

Julian Assange told CNN's Anderson Cooper on July 29, 2016 that WikiLeaks had more damaging info on Hillary Clinton.

And Roger told Trump on the 31st. Why is there a trial on this? It was public knowledge on the 29th. This is ridiculous.

Roger Stone trial is a circus.

7/29 - Julian Assange tells @andersoncooper he has more coming on Hillary

7/31 - Roger Stone calls Trump and says Assange has more coming on Hillary

This isn’t that hard

Tweet from Byron York (@ByronYork)
Another book.
Big cash-in: John Bolton signs book deal for reported $2 million, with same agents who handled Comey and 'Anonymous.' Publication during 2020 campaign. Not a great look to stiff-arm Congress while at same time inking book deal.

Tweet from Byron York (@ByronYork)
Whistleblower started Trump-Ukraine matter, framed issue in way House Dems have adopted for impeachment. Now Chairman Schiff orders GOP: Do not talk about whistleblower in impeachment hearings. If you do, you'll hear from Ethics Committee.

Tweet from Ivan Pentchoukov (@IvanPentchoukov)

And here's John Bolton tweeting that he had a "great discussion" at the WH on July 10, shortly after he allegedly stormed out of the said discussion.

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