OK, I know you will kick me off this site, but I just have to say it isn't necessary to call me childish names. I'm not a moron, I'm not stupid or a dumbell. I just expressed an opinion you disagree with. Since you run the place you can restrict opinions to those you agree if you choose but how does that benefit anyone? It's good to hear contrasting opinions, we learn & grow that way. Goodbye, probably forever.


Opinions without consideration to only the underlying facts are not anything of a learning process. Just propaganda.


Hey, moron, your inability to understand plain written English defines you.

What part of "do not tag me" can't you understand?

That is a rhetorical question, it needs no reply.

In fact, we do have a rule against trolling, defined as the persistence in tagging those who have clearly expressed their desire not to be so bothered.

It's in your hands, not mine.

Tag me again and, indeed, it'll be your last action in this venue.

Or, you can take your inanities to a willing audience.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.