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California is turning into a third world country run by despots.


California Turns Off a Lot More Than Just the Lights with Forced Blackouts

At UC Berkeley biochem grad student Sarah Morris says that the recent outage “may have destroyed two years of her ground-breaking cancer research, valued at $500,000.” If you’re wondering what its value could have been to cancer victims who now might never receive the benefits of Morris’s research, I suspect you’re not alone.

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The impact of the green laws that Greta's people love have been totally annulled.

These recent fires have put out over 900 percent more carbon than was been saved by the green laws.

The green laws are causing carbon emissions on a scale never before seen.

And all the management of the utilities all have six-figure salaries and golden parachutes.

So after KILLING PEOPLE with fires caused by decrepit infrastructure, utility management walks away with tens of millions.

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"...Most Americans who support Trump found the Fox News poll to be unbelievable. As it turns out, the poll is not to be believed. What most Fox News supporters don’t know, is that the poll was conducted by Amanda Danielle Braun, a left-wing, LGBTQ radical activist, who was a regional organizing dir, in Reading, Pa., for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. She also graduated from Hillary’s alma mater, Wellesley College. ..."


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Our Donald said there needs to be a Conservative network started. He never says anything that he doesn't already know about & have reason to broadcast. He has to know that Murdocks' bottom-feeding Liberal RAT offspring have ruined Fox.

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Newsom wants to pull the HAM Radio system from CA. What next??

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They are just such a dirty crew.

"Charles McCullough, an attorney now representing the whistleblowers with Andrew Bakaj, a former staffer for Sens. Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton, was 😒 ⚡ previously the inspector general of the intelligence community (ICIG) at the height of the Clinton email scandal 😒 ⚡."

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And another one bites the dust...

Air Force Maintenance Commander Fired from Specialized Fighter Unit in Pacific


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Donald J. Trump
Mitt Romney never knew how to win. He is a pompous “ass” who has been fighting me from the beginning, except when he begged me for my endorsement for his Senate run (I gave it to him), and when he begged me to be Secretary of State (I didn’t give it to him). He is so bad for R’s!
7:17 AM · Oct 5, 2019

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When Romney was running, his speeches came off as bland and rehearsed, like he didn’t care what came out of his mouth.

Every time Trump speaks, even tweets, you can hear the passion.

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Terrence K. Williams


Growing up I went from foster house to foster house & i never thought I would be at the White House... let alone speak on the same stage with Pres @realDonaldTrump a man that loves the black community

thank you @charliekirk11 for making it happen


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@stephanieanne @EngOnDemand

Nervous Pelosi has no legacy except one of corruption, lies, & duplicity. Investigate all her financial dealings back to birth as well as her husband & family. Please share the video viral & post online. The truth of CA RAT corruption has to be told.

4 Corrupt Families Of California ~ Newsom, Brown, Pelosi & Feinstein


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That was predictable.
They clearly wants both out and Nancy as POTUS to stop the investigations.

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Rashida Tlaib: Dems looking to arrest White House officials who ignore subpoenas trib.al/ZR9nXNY 

Original Tweet: twitter.com/nypost/status/1180

11:31 AM - 4 Oct 2019
#News #NYPost

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@SamA @NevadaJack

The trades might be the only jobs that cannot be outsourced to China. You can't send your busted pipe, roof, or transmission to Beijing.

Furthermore, those jobs are completely portable. You want to move from Buffalo to Phoenix? They need mechanics there, too.

Many of the trades will pay better than a BS in psychology, biology, etc. will get you.

I've advised many young people to consider the trades if they don't want to go to college. It's not for everyone.

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Pelosi's son is in deep too ... many Dem "family members" have profited as a direct result of the Dems in Congress.


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@ThomasWic Having lived in NY all my life and listened to the news and seen just how supportive the media was towards DJT before he ran and how negative they were after I already "knew something was up" then they went ALL in after the election literally contradicting everything they said about him before. After following you and Don Saul and Brian and understanding a bit more about Sun Tzu and Judas Goats I have not for a single moment doubted him or the performance art that is unfolding.

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Newsom Recall Petitions are now available for download. Come one, come all. Let's get this done!


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