US Army Europe updated its Facebook profile from "armed forces" to "government institution" yesterday.

You Americans are such pranksters! 😛

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I agree with that assessment! Even his eyebrows look like they could kick my ass. 😳

General Milley being interviewed in the FEMA headquarters. Man, I wouldn`t want to be on the wrong side of him...

Interesting. The Marines seem to have an appointment today.

Germany is now without a government.

Merkel has been "calling it in" (literally) for a week, and press conferences with the non-quarantined ministers are attended by military officers.

Meanwhile, the media is publishing record approval ratings for the Merkel government.

I was a bit young at the time, but this is what 1989 in East Germany must have felt like.

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"It´s going to be a painful ... very, very painful two weeks. When you look and see at night, the kind of death that`s been caused by this invisible enemy, it`s incredible."

How could the President make it any more clear that this is not about the virus? At least not about Covid-19.

Angela Merkel addressed the German people via audio message yesterday. She`s tested negative for coronavirus twice now, but she is still "working from home".

You would think that the best funded fake government in the world would have better audio technology.

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This is the image you will see when you go to Google Earth, search for Guantanamo Bay and click on Administrative and Court Facility! 😂

Wow... If this woman were still the rightful owner of her soul, I would feel sorry for her.

Lionel Ritchie proposes remake of "We are the world" for Covid-19 aid.

At least Bono only wants to punish Italy with his musical efforts. Unfortunately Lionel Ritchie is more ambitious.

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Army officer at the US Army base in Geilenkirchen (Germany) giving a briefing in front of a giant bunny. They are fighting a virus all right, but it's not COVID-19.

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