Don't be such a Pretentious Bitch... tattle tale.

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Naaah. We're all "racist". It's Dickheads who can't help but expose themselves.


State laws vary. Tis wise to know what yours are.

Even wiser for a potential perpetrator who would like to remain above ground, however, they're not known for their brilliance... or forethought.

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I believe you.

I also believe the people, including my daughter, who experienced otherwise.
I’ll see how it goes for me. I prefer your experience, but I will not schedule dogs in advance for days I may not be up to wrangling them. It would be unfair to the dogs and their owners. If I’m fine, I’ll take last-minute appointments, if requested.



I mean... it's been done.

Either that, or there's an "Ex" involved.


When they go after the Dickheads in office that allow & encourage the rioting & looting... we'll see progress. (and NOT in the "Progressive" sense).

Unfortunately, this law will only put more idiots in prison. Which, while not a bad thing, doesn't help the problem.


Oh hell no. NEVER take a Commie's word at face value.

This creep has an agenda, and it AIN'T what it seems.

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I'm not seeing where Austin made any reference whatsoever to his desire to operate the DoD autonomously. In fact, the video is taking Austin's quote ("U.S. military isn't meant to stand apart...") and spinning it to mean exactly the opposite of what is said. They're not even bothering to take it out of context.

Don't get me wrong, I'm no fan of Austin, but this is disinformation of the worst kind.

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You're absolutely correct. Money & Fame have been turning people into idiots for thousands of years.


Good on you.

No really... it takes a special kind of person.


democRATs are cheats. They're dishonest, manipulating, and especially egocentric. They're also a special brand of stupid. Oh, they fool themselves and others into thinking they're intelligent, but outside of concocting new lows to stoop to, "stupid" only scratches the surface.

They always have been. They always will.

You know what they're good at though? Patience & Perseverance. They're champions at those. Oddly enough, so are the Chinese.

Big Picture


I hadn't been to a Dentist in 10yrs when I went in last month for a toothache.

The pain of finding out how wonderful Veteran Dental insurance isn't was... well, way worse than the Tooth.


Oh hell, I know ALL about it. Lots and lots of people will bend over backwards avoiding their loved ones who have Dementia.... right up until it kills them. Then, they stand around with their hands out looking for inheritance.


Very true. Unfortunately, even many otherwise intelligent people would rather line up to fire cops.

Especially those who think they know all about what being a cop is, and what doing cop work is really about.

Again... they should spend a day doing it before flapping their self-righteous pie holes.

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