The Cops that got Fired/Resigned (Gateway Pundit TRASH article).... are victims of bullshit PR and nothing more.

The Granny with Dementia obviously didn't "deserve" what happened to her, but only in the sense that it wasn't her "fault". The Cops reacted exactly as they should have because they were dealing with a COMPLETELY psychotic Dementia patient AND DIDN'T KNOW IT.

I have exactly 0 patience with these people who think they know better. They know NOTHING.

@Mikkall So the jailhouse video of them laughing about how they dislocated her arm, even saying “wait for the pop” and not getting her medical treatment for over 6 hours, is okay with you? I’m sorry but if that were my mom or grandma, I’d be livid. And you have to be pretty stupid to not know an elderly person with dementia when you come across one. All you have to do is take a few minutes and talk to them. Smh


@Mikkall we gonna put you in a dictatorship to live since you will follow the law without question

"Give us your guns please"


My take: It was on purpose

How Dare I question the Authority of the Police?

@Mikkall @Debbie742

@EarlThePearls @Mongo3804 @Mikkall He seems nice. My son is a sergeant with the sheriffs office. He has worked in the jail for 16 years. I can assure you our sheriff would have frog marched those officers out in front of the cameras himself. I’ve seen him do it. It wasn’t so much the arrest, IF the break was accidental. It was their crass behavior afterwards.

@EarlThePearls @Mongo3804 @Mikkall Ive only read one article and it talked about the officers behavior once they got to the jail. You take somebody into your custody you become responsible for the health and well being. Incidentally, our county jail was the first one in the show 60 Days In and my son was in a couple of episodes. The sheriff did the show to root out bad elements.

@EarlThePearls @Mongo3804 @Mikkall Our county jail still needs work too. If only we could get the politics out of it…


wherever there is money to be made or power to be had you will have problems

@Mongo3804 @Mikkall

@EarlThePearls @Mongo3804 @Mikkall As the mother of a son in LE, there are good and bad. My older son also used to work there. But one night an inmate hung himself & he had to hold him up while frantically looking for something to cut him down. The inmate survived but my son still has nightmares because he felt so helpless. He left to work elsewhere. My younger son has ministered to many inmates trying to get them to turn their lives around. He tells them “respect me & I’ll respect you.


LEO is a tough role to fill. Overall I have a favorable opinion.

It's the power hungry sadist types that slip in that worry me

@Mongo3804 @Mikkall


@Mikkall didn't like me reply

Suggested I practice autoerotica

The he made sure that I would forget his existence

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