For Mike Rothschild, author of THIS piece and target of a massive lawsuit, depending on what happens next.

He claims that I said the following:

"Trump temporarily seized power through the military and delegated it downward."

I never said that.

He linked to THIS post to justify his claim:

"I think we're in a hybrid state of devolution AND a shadow presidency.

"The military is making NO policy decisions, and Trump is preserving national-security infrastructure.

"Such as the economy.

"I have no idea what the endgame is, but I never anticipated the current solution, which satisfies all sides AND is legal and constitutional."

What did I mean by "preserving national-security infrastructure such as the economy"?

I meant that Trump is TALKING TO PEOPLE.

See, Mike Rothschild doesn't understand that under devolution, Trump has no power as president.

By "hybrid state of devolution and a shadow presidency," I meant that Trump is the DE FACTO president in that he still has massive influence.


His ideas always work.

Remember the ventilator shortage?

Trump put out-of-work auto assemblers on the job. They made enough ventilators to satisfy the need of the whole world, and they did it in record time.

Trump is still TALKING TO people, and he's doing it in secret due to the fact that those people fe3ar what's happening to ME at this very moment.

The press is linking me to Qanon, which is why all those money-transfer outfits cut me off.

Mike Rothschild calls me a "prolific conspiracy theorist."

Funny, since I openly deride ALL conspiracy theories.

In 2014, a leftist psychologist labeled me insane in a legally actionable article, and that stuck for years.

See, every time I defend anyone who fascists hate, they come after me. Now they're claiming I'm a part of Qanon.

I've read what Qanon is saying about devolution. It's as retarded as claiming that the U.S. Marines had landed at Langley.

Or remember the Delta Force-CIA firefight in Wherever, Germany, over servers?

I can never remember the city.

Hamburg? Doesn't matter.

Mike Rothschild calls himself a debunker of conspiracy theories, when in fact he doesn't even know what a conspiracy theory is.

I've never promulgated a conspiracy theory in my life.

Here's what I do:

I look at something FACTUAL and speculate on what it might mean.

I never said I BELIEVE we're in a state of devolution; I said I THINK we're in a state of devolution.

Mike Rothschild doesn't know the difference.

He also doesn't know what I said that I think it's happening.

There are three reasons why I think it's happening:

1. Early in 2020, Trump told the US military to review and possibly update its plans for devolution.

2. Acting Secretary of Defense Chris Miller flew all over the country to personally meet the commanders of our most important strategic assets, to "look them in the ye and make sure we're on the same page."

3. Miller's public thanks to Mike Pence for seeing us through "the most complex operations in the history of the U.S. armed forces."

I didn't pull the idea out devolution out of my butt.

I looked at three BIZARRE and INEXPLICABLE FACTS and speculated on what they MIGHT mean.

And for that, Mike Rothschild links me to Qanon, and I start having real-world problems just living day to day.

He's also endangered my life by presenting me as a dangerous extremist who would be a legitimate target in the minds of of the fascist brownshirts.

I never said any of the things the Qanon people are talking about, so to lump me in with them is journalistic malpractice of the highest order.

On Beard Blather, I'll make it clear to Mike Rothschild that he needs to print a retraction or else I'll be forced to take legal action.

Whatever else happens to me is HIS fault, not mine.

And I'll hold him responsible.

He al;so needs to provide me with examples of my "prolific" conspiracy theories.

What he wrote is a hit piece, nothing more.

Now, I just got a letter from a perfect stranger telling me that some guy from Newsmax wants to talk to me about all this.

Absolutely not.

I don't talk to the press, ever.

The hit job they did on me in 2014 for debunking Pallywood videos was enough.

There's no upside to me talking to ANYONE in the press, on any side.

The only thing I can promise Mike Rothschild is that if my life takes any more hits because of his libel, he's going to wish his mother never met his father.



@ThomasWic we all know you think Qanon is bunk. Even the Carlos Aswada tweets make this clear. Rothschild obviously either doesn't research well or is looking to hurt you. I am sorry you are going through this.

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