Four days later he is back doing what all progressive politicians do best - carrying water for Western Civilization's decline.
Nice choice of logo art, looks really familiar

Meanwhile, he was enjoying the launch live. At least he wore his mask!

As I understand, designating someone to vote on your behalf is illegal. I might be wrong. What are the rules about a proxy introducing a Bill for you? We should ask Debbie Wasserman-Schultz since she is the person he chose to introduce H.R. 7021: To facilitate access to electromagnetic spectrum for commercial space launches and commercial space reentries.

Congressman Soto, however, had to tell a lie to ensure he was at the Kennedy Space Center for the Dragon Lauch.

Things seem to be looking better for Mrs Soto and her dolls. She even got a misson patch.

A few years ago she was arrested for drunken altercation with her mother, police and a Uber driver at Disney Springs.

Authorities said that despite the numerous number of times the deputy tried to calm Amanda Soto, she remained agitated and repeatedly said her husband is a congressman, therefore “She could do whatever she wants.”

Things seem to be looking up for her and her dolls, she even got a patch !

When you're permanently banned from Twitter for calling Taylor Swift a bimbo, a word that does not violate any of the terms Twitter provides and is also technically true.

Point of Personal Aggravation.
This is Darren Soto, he represents Florida's 9th District, an important voting block in our state that does not include Puerto Rico, much to our surprise given how much time he spends pandering for votes here on island issues..
He passes lies and fires repeated jabs at Trump while never acknowledging his constituents objections. Like many on the left, he either pretends it didn't happen or it did, whatever suits the falsehood.

15 months in prison for a man who threatened to behead Bernie. I hope we take all threats with the same seriousness.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.