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Lord James of Blackheath asks for truth about the sinister post Brexit plan to strip England of its military. Please correct me if I don't understand his plea.

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Waco Tapes - another stain on the Clintons long criminal career. Listening to these again with fresh ears opens a number of questions, many that I would ask Vince Foster if he hadn't met his end via Arkancide. I am a little shocked the site is still up. I rarely share it for fear these archives will be lost.


Like I've been saying for two years.

The IG looks into compliance with internal procedures, rules and regulations.

Sometimes (as in the latest report) it finds that rules are insufficient, unclear or non-existent.

It is not the IG's job to conduct criminal investigations.

If Schiff really has conspired with Obama'/Biden Ukraine NSC lead, Eric Caramella (the fake whistleblower and Chalupa buddy), even going to the lengths of hiring two of Caramella's ex-employees to bring down a POTUS, it seems to be clear sedition.

Is Schiff going down for seditious conspiracy? It certainly seems that he doesn't care anymore, which tells you all you need to know about what he is trying to cover up.

Trump tweets about UBS banker's Anguilla arrest: Something looks 'very wrong'

A sitting member of of , , particularly in the Antifa riots outside the Trump rally in Minnesota. If this is true, I am beyond appalled

TJ @TJishsh

A few things going on in I think. First, mass protests being crushed by unprofessional security forces. Second, score-settling between militias and political parties. Third, use of violence for political posturing post-violence. Hard to detangle or predict where it goes.1/2

The "unprofessional security forces" are Iranian militia, I think.

Anyone have info on the double agent arrested just now in California? Pong ? Isnt he connected to Feinstein?'s some more antidote for those sick and tired of being sick and tired.....

"HHS OIG winning again! 35 indicted over billing Medicare $2.1 Billion for fraudulent genetic cancer testing.

This is a spin off of an investigation into $3B in fraudulent prescriptions billed to Medicare for 50 million opioid pills. "

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.