Kerry actually says that Obama, Clinton, and Sleepy Joe we’re pressuring Ukraine to fire prosecutor Shokin. Wow.

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Pardon my intrusion, but the morons were the plumbers of Watergate. Nixon knew nothing about some lame brained activists but then tried to brush it away instead of confronting it.

I had a front row seat when all of a sudden ex CIA Dir Helms shows up at the Embassy in Tehran.

I said it when this was first aired and I'll support totally Carlos' assessment this is billions of times worse.

Big party going on over here at the SQV. Is it open Barr? 😜

Grenell declassifies transcripts and then DOJ withdraws in Flynngate. How about that. Almost makes me want to turn on CNN and watch the meltdown. But....nah.

Now re-hire Gen Flynn and watch the roaches really scatter.

Best day I’ve had in a while. Good times. Congratulations to the Flynn family and the amazing Sidney Powell.

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Crossfire Typhoon and CrossWind coming up soon to a liberal tear near you.

BIG target.

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@barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis @MarcusJ65 @masterblaster

Better for the kids. Now they will miss out on all the indoctrination and you can see ALL the materials your kids are using!

So 6.6 million more unemployment filings? Correct me if I’m wrong. But isn’t this to be expected when you not only incentivize this but encourage it with this new “bailout”? My understanding is this was done to help struggling businesses with payroll expenses. So, shouldn’t this all be temporary? After all the enhanced unemployment benefits are only underwritten for four months. I’m still optimistic that once the economy is let off the leash we will see a surge like never before.

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March 25—Internet taxi driver in Iran

"Please do not provide any money to the Islamic republic. Not a single rial [Iranian currency] reaches the people. Please do not lift the sanctions from the filthy mullahs' republic. That is exactly what they want."

How likely could it be that we are witnessing a great realignment in the global order? Trump has been pursuing our breaking from dependence on chicom economy even before his election. Today many see these problems for what they are despite the MSM propagandist. I can only imagine how bad this could have been with an economy that wasn’t so strong. I am very optimistic that we will come out of this stronger than ever.

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Anyone else long for the day when Trumps border wall was going to make Avocados expensive?

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2. Don't forget that CNN is owned by none other than A T & T, who also do a lot of business with the Chinese regime and (among other things) was one of the chief backers used by Xi to get Huawei into the US.

A T & T and Concast have the same majority shareholders, who are ALSO lapdogs to Xi & his goons.

And wait until you learn about their relationship with the Obama administration.

More soon.

The end.

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