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If you were engaged on stalled negociations leading nowhere in NorKo...would you pass on an opportunity to leave the sinking ship and grab a prestigious ambassadorship, like, say, to Russia?

Reuters claims Stephen Biegun just did that.

I bet you Biegun knows something they don't.

Why would a man pass being Amb. to Russia to stay as an envoy to Norko?

Because he's about to make history.

Being the guy who got a NorKo denuclearization treaty is well worth the miss.

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@paul_schmehl @drawandstrike
Their Cherished & Powerful "Shield" that was supposed to prevent Trump from holding Sanctuary Cities accountable to Federal Law & stripping Illegals of Welfare is being FLIPPED & will be used to bash in their Commie Brains.
This isn't being done as tit for tat, either.
The Left was violating the Constitution & American Interests all over the place.

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Genius tweet that encapsulates Trump's Sun Tzu strategy.

End of day, victory is taking the enemies kingdom intact. Trump means to limit the damage as much as he can, an extremely difficult objective.

I've no doubt he will succeed. After victory is won and the population is on side, he will be free to wreak revenge on those who went after him and his family. And be in no doubt, BTW - that WILL happen.

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@mkolb433 @ThomasWic

The right strategy is to boost what you'd like to boost and like what you'd like to like without any other consideration.

It says about as much about yourself than your own posts.

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Others shared this earlier but I thought I would toot it too because I think it's so great and maybe more people will see it.

One of the best Trump reelection ads ever.

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1) Normally, I like to read Supreme Court rulings, and get immersed in the logic and nature of the system of laws we live under.

Sometimes, I enjoy the written backhands Justices deliver to each other, petitioners, and respondents. In the highest court of the country, only the highest forms of comedy can take root in the most serious of documents.

And then every once in a while you have a gang of fuckwits who throw a brief at the SCOTUS in a literal tantrum, and I have to rip it to shreds.

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If you boil a funny bone ...

... It becomes a laughing stock ...

... Isn't that humerus? 😂

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@ThomasWic Exactly!

And I saw this earlier: Epstein dying means NOBODY ELSE HAS LEGAL STANDING to challenge the **evidence** found in his mansion from that search warrant. A legal fight that would've taken YEARS as high priced defense lawyers fought to get the evidence tossed out of court by challenging the search warrant cannot happen now.

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Trump knows EVERYTHING.

At this point, I can't tell you what's true and what isn't when it comes to Trump's allegedly riotous personal life.

It's now clear that the Trump empire was a disguise.

Trump's ACTUAL goal--as he said in 1980--was to be the one man who could fix the country.

Along the way, Trump realized that he could fix the world.

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I rarely post "personal" content on social media. This post, therefore, is a bit outside my comfort zone. But I'm curious as to how many of us carry everyday (I do). And, if not, why not? Barring local regulations, what are your barriers to entry? Cost? Moral dilemmas? Lack of training? Something else?

Sidenote: I'm a big believer in and practioner of firearms training. I'm working with my local range to address some of these barriers so that more responsible gun owners carry more often.

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It's happening.

The Democrats are dead.

I understand if some of you find it crass that I would say this. I won't argue. But the Democrats are a threat to our national security.

And they are vile and utterly toxic.

Therefore I am extremely happy that they committed suicide by politicizing these two atrocities.

It couldn't have happened to more deserving people.

The Democrat playbook now has become hate and vitriol. Is the new tactic to push lies on your seething masses? This is the kind of behavior that is driving the insane to commit violence. 24 hour news cycles of nothing but lies. Nicole Wallace, Joaquin Castro, Robert O’ Rourke. Reminds me of a toddler’s tantrum. Screaming, stomping, and rolling around on the ground, screaming “orange man bad!!” They must really be afraid. We are winning.

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So “Beta” goes on CNN to call Trump a white nationalist. Which btw being a nationalist that happens to be white is no crime. The spin doctors are doing their level best to make this term synonymous with “Nazi”. I digress. While doing so he takes the photo op to be filmed at the crime scene with police in the background and hoping to draw inference from his time in El Paso as a way to advance his political ambitions. All of these people make me sick. Liberalism is itself a mental disorder.

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We can't let the imperfect make us reject the imperative.

Before 1965, there was only ONE recorded mass shooting by a mentally ill person.

Mass shootings by the insane began AFTER the federal government decided to try deinstitutionalization.

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This ISN'T a partisan issue.

The young man was obviously totally insane.

Early detection and diagnosis, followed by care in an appropriate facility, would have prevented this tragedy. Right now, I'm thinking of the Moms and Dads, the little ones and the other victims, who were just shopping at Walmart.

And who never made it home.



The end.

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