1. There's a rumor going around that the current Dem candidate clownshow is a feint, for a last minute entry into the race.

A few months ago the dark horse was Crooked Hillary. Now I'm hearing Michelle Obama.

I'm not buying it.

Running either would guarantee Bill Clinton & Barack Obama being exposed and probably indicted, as well as Crooked herself.

Also, there's no way Barack Obama would let Michelle run. His narcissism wouldn't allow it.


2. Not just that, though.

The chances of either winning are extremely low.

Again, none of the Dems are appealing to the voters OUTSIDE their deranged base.

Yes, many independents may not vote Trump, but many also won't vote Dem. They'll sit the election out.

Just my opinion, but I think it will be a Harris/Warner ticket. A loser combination, if there ever was one.

Let's see what happens. However one thing is certain : Trump gets stronger, by the day.

The end.

3. ADDENDUM : the rumours about Michelle Obama persist.

If she does enter the race, it's an insane decision. America in 2019/2020 is very different to 2016.

You can be sure that Trump's people have already gamed this possibility. They'll be ready, if she runs.

More radical than Barack, she's got a big mouth, too.

You think that video of her saying 'all this just for a flag' is bad? There's more where that came from. I doubt she will run, but if she does, she won't know what hit her.

4. I remember watching this video and learning what a grifter Michelle truly was. A total hypocrite and champagne liberal.

She's also a genuine progressive ideologue, much like AOC - a divisive racist, radical socialist and bigoted anti-semite, who hates America & Americans.

Like Barack at Columbia/Harvard, Michelle ordered all her Princeton records sealed. Hint - if she runs, it ALL comes out.

Trump would demolish her.



I gonna stick with the idea that Michele (Michael?) is going to jump into the race to save the day.

The only reason she might not is because she wasn't involved in any of BO's abuse of power. She's probably clean and can enjoy her millions and popularity while BO and BC get stuck in a cell and argue about whose turn it is for a handjob.

@chart_map @REX it’s always BCs turn because BO is always willing. Anyway I think she will run just to get in and help destroy evidence of the russia collusion set up

@Hunter @REX

If Michele (Michael?) doesn't run then the dims have nobody. MO is a liberal leader with stature. Everybody else are nothing more than sidekicks.


@chart_map @Hunter @REX

Actually he’s just quoting the Daily News... not really weighing in on it. As I have said many times before... the Obama name will be mud by November 2020. No chance she’ll ever be POTUS. Those silly popularity contest polls are meaningless. Hillary was most admired woman in the world for 10 years straight... we see what that got her.

@chart_map @Hunter @REX

I am in the EU and can’t access the Daily News... it clear he doesn’t give it much credence. The pollster that took the survey pays their respondents. Google it... it’s crap. Like I said... the Obamas are going to be exposed before November 2020, so the Democrats better come up with a better plan. Rush should know that, he probably does, but it’s his business to keep people stirring.

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