@MegasAlexandros Outing themselves with words and deeds. Exactly what President Trump iis brilliant in achieving.


The most wonderful thing about the internet is the ability to travel when you haven't the means to do so in person.

I can talk to anybody I want in any country that allows internet use of its folks. I can see pictures of their homeland and hear stories of their lives. What a marvel!


Thanks, POTatUS.
Good thing chap stik queen was there to keep you on track.

"As the mainstream narrative about the origin of COVID-19 falls apart, it’s time to put other widely accepted facts about the virus—and the devastating measures they were used to justify—under the same scrutiny"


If you don't know by now that the "press" is used to Create the News, not Report it, then you will never learn. Articles/news stories are written & seeded to create most narratives in order to create buzz, market a product, influence the stock market, create a historical record, influence public policy making, cause riots, invent/introduce people & names whether they exist or not, establish blame, establish alibis, create victims, deceive the public. You name it, they'll write it & publish it.

@IrredeemableOne Come look children let's all marvel at your new hero, the guy with counterfeit money, high on fentanyl that was arrested and died in jail from an overdose. ✊ 👏 👏 👏

@drawandstrike and @ThomasWic I will give credit where credit is due, these two, since day-one were on it. As the weeks unfold into a hot summer, brace yourselves for some big-ass “I told you so(s) and “You damn fools, dont know how things work!” They have been consistent with there ideas and theories being proven correct! Trump is an out of a box thinker and mover! Study Trump, re-read Brain and Thomas’ posts and realize, TIME was ALWAYS on his side! Why? Cuz, its his clock that ticks!

This picture Says it all....oblama, the midget and the bat lady


That does not even count the development of the new platform.

We do it with the firm conviction that it is necessary and that it will, eventually pay for itself.

We NEED a venue for rational folk.

I had a picture that came to my mind, and it was driving me mad until I drew it.

Never forget... they (our *society*) treated her as badly as the treated him.

Their animus towards these Patriots... and to us... is a disgrace to the nation.

Just had to say... as we endure their endless hubris. 🙏

@HectorHeathcote @BCPaladin

I think the Dems fear her now.

Harris cannot function at all in a public setting where she has to make statements or answer basic questions.

She is a rank amateur and has no reservoir of goodwill or experience to draw on.

She screams with laughter, rolls her eyes and throws back her head like a high-strung horse, mutters inanities, and carries on like a terrible actress who is trying out for a terrible play.

She is also a compulsive liar and bad tempered

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.