The other neighbor caddy corner.😁 I like this neighborhood.
Funny.. I already got a taste of some Trump bashing from one of the liberal friends... it wasn’t even noon yet. I kept my mouth shut as I have learned to do. 😂

Returned to the US late last night after 9 years of living in Zante Greece. I left the US a liberal... I return a common sense moderate Republican. This is the neighbor of the guest house I’m staying at in this small midwestern town home of James Dean 😁 and thick with Americana 🇺🇸... I already no longer feel sidelined from MAGA. My friends in town are mostly liberals... I’m unsure of their disposition regarding Trump.... I’m sure I’ll know by the end of the day. God bless America! 🙏🏻

Pretty much.

Aug 30

FBI: We set up a decorated General.

FBI: We paid spies to entrap Team Trump.

FBI: We used a fake Dossier to get fraudulent FISAs.

FBI: We leaked to the Media to undermine the POTUS.

FBI: We ran a coup and lied to get a Special Counsel appointed.

FBI: We are a Dem crime org.

@MegasAlexandros Soros is easy to destroy
1- Glass-Steagall
2- SEC uptick
3- revise and renew the anti trust leg
4- declare Soros a persona non Grata and then treat as a foreign country regarding other countries doing bus with him and ANY of his subsidiaries or AFFILIATES
--you will see the END of his rein and it'll be worse than death for him


In the movie Black Hawk Down, a Somali financier tries to explain why it's wrong for foreigners to try and save innocent Somalis from mass-murdering Somalis.

The totally of his argument is, "We're black people, so leave us alone."

Ilhan Omar viciously criticized her own culture--until Trump got elected.

Then she criticized the US for trying to save innocent Somalis from mass-murdering Somalis.

I say not one American life for ANY number of Somalis.

The First Lady is a nuclear weapon when she travels with the President.

She steals the show everywhere she goes..everything stops when she enters a room.

She speaks six languages and is a great ambassador for the US.

American fashion magazines, because of raw politics, refuse to put her on their covers?

Stupid has no limits.

Epoch Times' Jan Jekielek interviews Steve Bannon.

So much stuff going on right now that buying Greenland is a blip on the radar. 🤯

“Those who are determined to be ‘offended’ will discover a provocation somewhere. We cannot possibly adjust enough to please the fanatics, and it is degrading to make the attempt.”
Christopher Hitchens

College designs AI to flag "hate speech" on social media sites, result? Minorities are the worst offenders. 🤦‍♂️

Quite the explosion between the Epoch Times and NBC over on Twitterland. I believe this will end up being a good thing for Epoch, and a disaster for NBC curtesy of the Streisand Effect.

@MegasAlexandros @Dawnz @Torchbearer @watch4thedrop I know someone who is not dumb who hates President Trump and at the same time he knows a lady who is completely nuts who also hates President Trump for the same false reasons. It is a mental disorder. Hate does funny things to people.

Pete Hegseth Tweeted
First it was: Russia, Russia, Russia!

Then: Racism, Racism, Racism!

Now: Recession, Recession, Recession!

All leading to: Re-election, Re-election, Re-election!

(1) The American people have been played by our political leaders for years! While we were naive, they destroyed our cities, stole our Social Security, corrupted our Welfare system, grew their wealth while ours stymied, practiced sexual harassment that cost us $17 mill., ...

Don’t be fooled... they’re noisy... but not as strong as they would like you to believe.

Very interesting... I have been wondering for a while when did the left start their love affair with the
C-I-A. This article brings A LOT of clarity.
Ellen Degeneres-Behind the Illusion

Thank you Jeff Epstein... what other gifts have you left the country?

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