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Wow! First, now this fabulous alternative to Twatter. It’s like Christmas morning! And all the cool kids are here! Saul, Thomas, Brian, Rex, Duane....

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New redefinition alert: "heartbeat" 🙄

@JerylBier: "After YEARS of publishing on its website that at 5-6 weeks of a pregnancy, 'A very basic beating heart and circulatory system develop,' Planned Parenthood has decided... it really doesn't. Now: 'It sounds like a heartbeat on an ultrasound, but it's not a fully-formed heart...'
1/ [screenshots]"

(H/T @MarinaMedvin RT )

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So why is it that the GOP House response always seems to be by Jordan?

Just like it was in 2018.

I suppose McCarthy was too busy waiting on his cool mugs and plates to be delivered.

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott designated specific Mexican cartels as terrorist organizations and ordered the Department of Public Safety to begin dismantling their infrastructure. The move comes as record levels of the deadly drug fentanyl are being pushed across the border.

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"It's hard for me not to conclude that this is a political hit job," Barr said, according to The Hill. "I'm not even sure that she has a good case against Trump himself but what ultimately persuades me that this is a political hit job is that she grossly overreaches when she tries to drag the children into this."

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A federal judge in Louisiana has struck down a government mandate that required Head Start program staff to get vaccinatedand mandated that both teachers and students must wear face masks.

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@realDonaldTrump: "The FBI is totally corrupt. They blatantly used their power to get a cognitively impaired Democrat elected President - In TWO Elections. THEY SPIED ON MY CAMPAIGN and now, BROKE INTO MY HOME, using a Radical Left Trump Hating Magistrate to grant approval, and indiscriminately STOLE everything within reach, including my Passports. [...]

Harris County Republican Party’s own John D. asks Beta an important question:


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24 thousand morons liked this.

Yes. Thousand.

We are being led off of a cliff by a retarded thief with dementia and the most universally despised asshole in US history.

Woe is us.

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West Virginia is the first to act but soon might have a lot of company.

Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar has asked banks for their fossil fuel investment policies as Texas compiles a list in response to a new law.

Kentucky and Oklahoma also are compiling lists.

Officials in Florida, South Carolina, Arizona, Louisiana, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Arkansas and North Dakota are looking at ways to deal with banks that will not do business with the fossil-fuel sector.

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@Donjanusgjrdrm @YoungBlood

ESG is the new squeeze

Out with the old ways

make bank with the new unimproved methods

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Eye-opening but when you think about it, not that surprising..

Report Shows Biden Admin Run By Former Registered Foreign Agents

According to a report, more than a dozen Sr. members of Biden's administration & inner circle were registered as Foreign Agents. These are folks that were paid to represent foreign interests, ranging from Canada, Mexico, Kazakhstan, to Iran & Qatar..

Yet Trump was always fingered as being corrupt and under foreign influence....

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Have you noticed how every Republican is talking about the need to produce more oil and not one of them talks about the refinery crisis?

We need refineries NOW. Not just 4xpansion of existing facilities further increasing risks, but new ones.

But nobody even talks about it.

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@DeWalt @Dusty @BlkLdyPatriot @BackInBlack @umad80 Lotta drama with that one. Started pruning her a couple of weeks ago from my feeds.

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3 Minutes @DeWalt

BREAKING: Uvalde shooting could have been stopped in 'three minutes': Texas police

Head of the Texas State Police Steven C. McCraw said that police could have acted faster than they did, having enough firepower and protection to do so.

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