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Wow! First, now this fabulous alternative to Twatter. It’s like Christmas morning! And all the cool kids are here! Saul, Thomas, Brian, Rex, Duane....

The sorry-assed GOP: "Trump is fighting this battle on his own because not one of you numb nutted bastards will stand up and fight."

This entire impeachment bs is so screwed up it wouldn't surprise me in the least if the anonymous WhistleLeaker is PencilNeck himself.

That would explain the secrecy and the behind doors or written or not at all testimony.

Last night, twelve cops came to arrest the homeless lunatic trying to break into my house.

Four of the cops were morbidly obese, and one was a female midget.

They couldn't find the lunatic, so I had to tell them to go up on the porch WHERE SHE WAS STANDING IN PLAIN SIGHT.

Leftism created homeless lunatics.

Leftism created incompetent cops.

Leftism creates environmental catastrophe.

Wow - republican black vote up 286% in Louisiana. Thank you Mr. Trump.

“We could shut down all U.S. dollar transactions with the entire government of Turkey. … That is something we may do, absolutely.” Mnuchin.

Erdogan is digging his grave.

(WASHINGTON) JUST IN: State Dept has announced that Donald Trump he will not be attending U.N on Monday and will instead be chairing his own session on ‘ Worldwide Religious Persecution ‘ and Marcia B ernicat, principal deputy assis via @AceNewsServices

@redwhitebluedude @drawandstrike

Also, her Combat Medic Badge (CMB) is a participation award given to any medical personnel either in a combat zone or treating those in a combat zone.

She was a headquarters clerk in a medical company. Her bosses dealt with NON-COMBAT medical issues.

The Internet is full of lies about how she "went outside the wire" on combat patrols.

She's absolutely repulsive.

In a not so shocking confederation of dunces, Google, Amazon, Microsoft Employees to Walk Out for Climate Strike

The Union leaders in America today are a National disgrace. Eight and counting leaders just from the UAW will be going to jail and more on the way.

Where was that leadership the last thirty years as the Politicians sold out the American worker and the MIddle class in this country.

GM, for one, violated their own agreement to not close any more plants when the last contract was signed, in return for concessions.

Lordstown and others were boarded up, the Union leaders did and said nothing.

@HunDriverWidow @Linnie @Ken1951 @Cdubois Would you be shocked to learn it's legal for members of Congress to engage in insider trading?

I forgot which rep (Dem) it was who attempted to scold Lewandowski for posting notice during a break from the hearing that he (Lewandowski) was running for office. I could not help but laugh out loud.

@Helen47 @HunDriverWidow @Linnie @Ken1951 @Cdubois

People shop weird theories about 'spirit cooking' and secret pedo rings but the answer is far more mundane.

The jig is up. Their $$$ is drying up. When he's reelected Trump will take a lot of this public.

THIS is why the GOP Never Trump wing hates his guts even more than the Democrats do.

John Roberts
When an editor deliberately removes information that is counter to a narrative - if not outright exculpatory, then a story ceases to be journalism, and becomes nothing more than an intentional hit piece.

Lawfare Group Begins Delegitimizing Supreme Court…

(paraphrased from article)

After they lost the 2016 election the Lawfare group began to: (1) delegitimize the presidency of Donald Trump; (2) General Flynn; (3) Jeff Session; (4) AG Bill Barr (5) DHS, and ICE; and (6) any one or thing that would now be removing or overturning Lawfare constructs.

The current attacks on Justice Brett Kavanaugh give the appearance of trying to delegitimize the very rulings of the court.

Corey Lewandowski is providing the best TV I’ve seen in years 😂

Some of his answers to Dem Ms. Jackson Lee:

“Congresswoman, I’d be happy to answer your question or you can just have a conversation by yourself...”

“Well then don’t ask me a question if you don’t want to hear my answer.”

“So if you ask me a question, give me the opportunity to answer.”

“Could you repeat the question?”

“That wasn’t a question, that was a rant.”


Great to see isn't it?

With Trump as its leader, the GOP isn't the same group of losers it once was.

House has cleaned out Ryan and his flower girls; McConnell and Co. now have a POTUS that won't cut his legs off; and Trump has shown the remaining group how to destroy Dems even WITH a hostile media.

A thing of beauty!


This is beyond DUMPSTER FIRE! Nadler and the rest of the krats do not even have enough sense to even be embarrassed !

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