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I finally got on TS. Got my notification this morning. I’m BonesJones if anyone wants to follow.

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Methinks food prices will be going up seriously
Hat tip @DonnaBirdy Gettr

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I ran twice.

I won twice.

And now we may have to run again.

Count on it!

From my Groomer:

I am using the IV San Bernard therapy products. I took two certificate courses in animal skin aesthetics through IV San Bernard before using them. I would highly recommend she do the same to maximize understanding of what is needed and how to properly use the products!

For Misty, the therapy consists of Mineral Plus and Zoloft plus shampoos followed by PH balance conditioner

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@Donjanusgjrdrm—Exactly. There is no science.

They’re like a talisman or good luck charm.

Absolutely useless, since many of them end up washing up on shoes, in bushes, parking garages, and landfills.


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@MaryNawn @YoungBlood

I'm convinced that the left wants forced equality as their goal.

There's a short story by Vonnegut called "Harrison Bergeron" about a dystopia where, through various means, people are forced to be equal.

I feel like these people read that story the same way they read "1984": as an instruction manual.

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The Democratic Party is right to be nervous—history is unkind to political coalitions forged in opposition to a single individual.

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GOP presses Biden on Afghan evacuees amid terrorism concerns...

" As of early November, at least 50 Afghans had been brought to the U.S. who were later found to have significant security concerns in those unchecked databases. Those included issues such as having their fingerprints found on explosives and being categorized as “known or suspected terrorists.”

A review of 31 of those Afghans who’d reached the U.S. as of Sept. 17 found that only three “could be located.” "

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"I just want to stop the world from killing itself!"
— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump)
December 11, 2020

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Bidet started out his speech today with, "Who does Putin think he is?"

Reminded me of Greta Thunberg's "How dare you?"

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@MaryNawn. Bats are something, social and with individual personalities. I was thinking of writing a fiction novel where bats gained the power of speech recently and they are plotting revenge against Fauci for besmirching the reputation of bats. Bats seem to understand some words in English and are compared to dogs and cats in that respect.

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Humans and bats have quite a bit in common, besides both being mammals....they also both love corn on the cob! Meg posted some footage of bats at the aviary on her farm and they are chowing down on some corn. The bats seem to love it!

Colleen and one of her Joes. Whom I’m guide fond of.

Theses gals rock!

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