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There are more problems for prosecutors who are working on a case in which Democratic Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer allegedly was targeted for kidnapping: they have decided to drop the testimony of an FBI agent who was involved in the case.

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According to Jim Jordan & Seb Gorka, Trump will announces his run for 2024.

I’m very disappointed if it’s true because America won’t last 3 plus more years.

We need to take a stand comes sooner than later.

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Gen. Mike Flynn’s younger brother Charles has been promoted to 4-star general and assumed command of US Army Pacific.

Japan announced to deployed missiles & electronic warfare units on islands between Japan & Taiwan against China invasion.

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And just like that, Biden gives The Taliban a propaganda victory.

And a pretext for them to kill Americans.

'The Great Satan makes demands on us to help them and in return, they murder our children! To Afghans - look how The Great Satan treats those who help them!'

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Some are arguing that it's the beginning of an ISIS insurgency against the Taliban.


The Taliban released ISIS fighters from jails all over Afghanistan. They're obviously working together. You have to be wilfully blind not to see that.

I do think that there is a Northern Alliance rebel force being established. But that will take some time to get organised.

This time they're up against a Taliban backed by China and Pakistan.

But ISIS / AlQ ? They're with the Taliban.


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My head doesn't work today.

No idea what THIS means:

"The Taliban are g Afghan soldiers who surrender."

I MEANT to write THIS:

"The Taliban are murdering Afghan soldiers who surrender."


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In ten years of combat, you can learn everything you need to know about a country and the enemy you fight.

In other words, the Gulf Arabs already know how to defeat the Taliban.

As always, they'll give the credit to the locals.

And train the locals to fight like Gulf Arabs.

Afghanistan is not lost.

Our people didn't die for nothing.

We learned valuable lessons, and Americans learned what happens when they elect Democrats.


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The Afghan National Army (ANA) didn't "refuse to fight, as Biden claims.

They retreated to fight another day, after we abandoned them.

That video alone has sealed the fate of the Taliban.

Now they go up against Gulf Arab strategic commandos, who will mop the earth with them.

The Saudis warned the Taliban to not dishonor the religion.

The Taliban ignored the warning.

Now the Taliban gets to die.

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My guess is we got the intel from our allies, the ones now on the ground in Afghanistan.

See, the Gulf Cooperation Council could easily use the "hollowing out" strategy that it used in Syria, Yemen, and Iraq:

Muslim commandos take over terrorist groups by killing all the members.

The Taliban are g Afghan soldiers who surrender.

These men were murdered after we didn't send air support.

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The Taliban have made common cause with the Islamic State.

Therefore the Taliban is our enemy and will eventually be destroyed.

But we'll leave the ground war up to the men and women who have what it takes to fight the enemy on HIS terms.

The Taliban appeals to Cenk Uygur because he's a fascist and a Muslim who doesn't practice the religion but lives vicariously through jihadists.

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I am absolutely stunned. I feel like I'm living in an upside down world.

How could the Afghanistan withdrawal be so colossally botched in this way? Give up Bagram (strategically advantageous), all the equipment and arms, evac the bulk of the troops, then pack tens of thousands into Kabul Airport (with no strategic advantage) like sitting ducks...

Then tell the media and the people you're sticking to the deadline, and everything is A-OK.

I've got a REALLY bad feeling about the next few days

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At this point it's no longer the teachers and administration to blame for this foolishness and's the parents permitting this.

Frankly, folks need to draw their lines in the sand as to what they're willing to let happen to their children...and once that line is crossed, they should pull their kids from these monstrous school systems..

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America will be in a state of shock and disbelief.

What will Psaki say then? What will Biden and his cronies be able to say?

The majority of the population already knows she is lying to them.

When the Taliban take their revenge, Psaki's lies will be yet more empty words from an empty woman, living a failed life.

As for Biden & Co, what can you say. There are no words to describe what an amoral monster he is. They are.

Somehow, 'true evil' just doesn't cut it.

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The Taliban isn't going to pass on this amazing and horrible gift, that Biden has given to them.

Be in no doubt. They mean to humiliate America, as publicly as possible, in extremely violent and cruel manner.

You know it. I know it.

We ALL know it.

Even though we don't want to accept it, there it is.


It is The Taliban who are going to make sure that Americans understand reality. When that happens, no one will be talking about the new Dunkirk.

Or the new Belin Airlift.

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An honest and patriotic administration - a serious one - would not be lying to American citizens about the awful gravity of the situation they have created.

Nor would it be trying to airbrush from existence those American souls in Kabul that they've stranded.

It would be preparing the nation for what's coming.

We all hope that fate intervenes and everyone gets out.

But our eyes can see what is happening on the ground.

There will be no Dunkirk this time.

There will be no Berlin Airlift.

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We can all pretend that the Taliban will let everyone go free. That all US citizens will return home safe, followed by the US troops in crisp, newly laundered uniforms.

Followed by a ticker tape parade, with Biden being applauded by a grateful nation.

We can all believe in pretty flying unicorns, as well.

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China appoints new military commander in restive Xinjiang that borders on several unstable Central Asian state, including Afghanistan -

Lt. Gen. Wang Haijiang previously led the PLA troops in Tibet to guard the disputed border with India.

US withdrawal from Afghan is a deep concern for Beijing, which fears a resurgence of militant Islam along its border.

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Thanks to China Joe, the weakling Sullivan & the conga line of Obama's losers, freaks and weirdos.

Sadly, I think we have a terrorist organization who can do whatever they damn well like.

They have defeated the United States.

They control Afghanistan.

They have 10,000 US hostages. Plus 6,000 US troops at the airport.

What's not to like?

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Afghan horrorshow.

Remember : it is in China and Russia's interests for Biden & Co to remain in power.

Keeping their little pets in the White House is definitely in their interests.

And keeping Trump out, at all costs.

Their diplomatic pressure on the Taliban will be directed at that end.

'Abdul, don't worry. Let the Americans go. You can hit them later. Here's a billion bucks.'

'But The Great Satan -'

'Yeah, yeah. Don't worry. Hey how about that rebel force up north?'

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