BREAKING: U.S. Senate Unanimously Recognizes , Rejects Turkey’s Gag-Rule against American Remembrance of this Crime

@ThomasWic Has anyone ever mentioned to you that you are BRILLIANT!

Trump's second term will be amazing.

He won't have any limits.

In most ways, he hasn't even gotten started yet.

Think about THAT.


LINDSEY GRAHAM on FBI surveilling the Trump campaign: “Let’s put it this way, if you don’t have a legal foundation to surveil somebody and you keep doing it is that bad?”


”Is that spying?”

“It’s illegal surveillance.”

What a day. 😎

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The harsh reality the media won’t report is that the deep state conspiracy to falsely indict @realDonaldTrump is Barack Obama’s legacy—the greatest scandal in the history of American politics.



Five traitors from only two states stood behind FREAKY Adam Schiff today at the peach mint podium.


And this is EXACTLY why we have an Electoral College. And exactly why they want to get rid of it. It also goes to show demographics are destiny.

@A_friend @ThomasWic That really is the unique element - President Trump. People around the big blue wall consider he belongs to us all.

This is an amazing era. Major conflicts are found in total secrecy, with very few civilian casualties.

And FINALLY, the goal of the conflicts in the Middle East is stability.

We can only have stability if everyone adopts an ethos of non-interference.

And that's happening.

I see a great future for the Middle East, and it's coming quickly.

Be strong. Iran will be free.


@Barb @mrbungle @DiLaLonde @BeFree @masterblaster Thank you. Each time I read a Trump son or other will be the next President, I shake my curly heads and think 💭 🤔- Will these folk never learn.

Here's the definition of "dynasty"a line of hereditary rulers of a country.
So stop with the term 'dynasty' we have elections!!

@DiLaLonde @BeFree

@MarieGreen @Victoria99654

Sure. For the same reason they burnt Jews and roasted or imprisoned Protestants, Arians, Bogomils, Waldenses, and anybody else who disagreed with them from Campanella and Bruno to Galileo.

There is one major problem with the Democrat impeachment hoax:

Their witnesses didn't witness anything.

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