@ThomasWic @baldilocks Yikes! And there I was thinking my experience was unpleasant. The first time I wanted to use a lavatory in an Arabian country I was taken aback by the ladies in black all spitting red saliva into the basin. However when I went into the cubicle the hole in the floor was OK when needs must but the box of small pebbles had me pedalling backwards and any pressing need vanished.

@vince I think you may have used computer graphics on the lower photo. :|

@Joycevor originally it was put there for airforce nuckleheads. You see, often you would see them raise their right foot onto a chair and then lean down to tie the lace on the left shoe.

@Cdubois Now that is so lovely to know. I am just starting on my new style so it’s great to be rewarding by responses like yours.

@maat I hope you do. It gives another dimension to life. I will expect/hope to see your painting on here soon. 🖼

@Davel495 little can make me artistically happier than for the viewer to find peace and welcome in this work. Thank you - I may have to keep you as my head critique!

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