Andrew has lived the life of a dashing young man with monogrammed condoms with an ex-wife living with him and their two girls. Safety in numbers? His decades of being a willing sexual gay blade with his pal Epstein, who was incarcerated, should have ceased a decade before now. But Andy is above such paltry considerations. As is his pal and their many playmates. Until a very hard, loud footstep was planted on the head of the vile beast.

I was expecting something concrete from Project Veritas’s announcement yesterday.

25,000 at Queens for Bernie Sanders and his endorser the ever delightful Free4All Maiden.

MSM the handmaidens for burning dreams, slaying the innocent, spreaders of dirt and fear, cheap to buy and cheaper to sell. Every hour must have news true or otherwise. Blood leads was the old slogan for the headline. Have we arrived or passed the natural progression to MSN killing in order to have their own exclude for Blood Leads!

This is an almost forgotten happening but here it is at last - RAIN RAIN GLORIOUS RAIN.

Eventually memories of pain, fear, hurt fade away on the wind if you chose not to hold onto them.

After a three year sabbatical I am back at the easel travelling a new journey ~

Cyclist uses foam pool noodle to ensure motorists obey safe passing road rule - Brisbane.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.