After a three year sabbatical I am back at the easel travelling a new journey ~

Cyclist uses foam pool noodle to ensure motorists obey safe passing road rule - Brisbane.

Today is ANZAC Day in Australia and New Zealand. Vietnam was the conflict that brought added anguish on this day for those who served but were not permetted to march. Years later, the Vietnam veterans were welcomed. In this painting, I hoped to project some of the ethos and empathy felt now.

Do you think God went totally overboard with plumage of this glorious bird!

My observatory is called Santa Maria and we love to silently sail amongst the nebula. This is Mystic Mountain 48 x 60ins in oils as they allow transparent glazed so the eye can travel through the space.

To all the mornings and those yet to rise I salute you with my painting.

I think of this extract when I admire the creators of QuodVerum.

Ten years posting regularly on FB and Twitter and had to block an increasing number of intolerant arrogant and mentally overblown inhabitants of those platforms.


And now for creative art segment for this week. Imagine coming upon this gentle soul quietly grazing ...

And for this week’s art 🖼 offering I submit a wonderfully creative work. I don’t know the artist sadly

It is my firm belief that this heat wave will never let up. I don’t care if that is an irrational statement. My brain is fried ! Heading for the high 95F though the killer is the humidity at 82% Sigh.

Not often a fan of photorealism however the work of Chris Klein is an exception due to the creativity of choosing the subjects. WIP as an example.

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