CULTS They have a leader wearing a cloak of mystery and are the teller of tales believable sometimes. For @REX to proffer his head for a cult with such little credibility is sad. I am sad that Rex chose a sure path away from the light. I imagine the door is open for him to stay or to go. Though if he gets clear air with the QV chief/s I trust he will stay here where the grass is green.

@MarieGreen @REX
What makes you think it was away from the light. This may have been his path all along. Whatever the case may be.

@MarieGreen @REX This is much soul searching about nothing. As a math teacher, Im am fascinated by Fibonacci sequence and patterns. I believe Rex was playing with Phi patterns and nothing more. I actually find it creepy that people are treating Rex like a child who has to be led away from his proclivities to see the light...Saul sets the rules and made it clear but the rest of you need to let it go.

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