After a three year sabbatical I am back at the easel travelling a new journey ~

@Mongo3804 Thank you 😊. It is a fabulous way to spend the day.

@MarieGreen Brilliant Marie. Can I ask what the style is please?

@Davel495 Beware! You have asked about one of my favourite confusions in 2 dimensional visual art.

Most would call the style Impressionism which evolved during Monet’s glorious reign.

I would love to call my style for this series as aesthetic abstraction - ‘art being for art’s sake’ plus ‘no defining form’ Until now my work has been largely representational impressionism.

The End (aren’t you glad?!)

@MarieGreen My stepdaughter's boyfriend paints representational abstraction. Earlier this year at his own exhibition in Katoomba he sold $18,000 of his work over the two day weekend showing.

@MarieGreen I'll see if I have one of his works. If I don't, the Bride may have one she can send to my messenger. You may be able to make heads or tails from it. I'm damned if I can. 😆

@MarieGreen Oh, and while I can't understand his work, I love what you posted because it gives me peace and I feel welcome absorbing it. Thank you.

@Davel495 little can make me artistically happier than for the viewer to find peace and welcome in this work. Thank you - I may have to keep you as my head critique!


that is gorgeous. i might have to get out my paints. been meaning to for a while now. thanks for the inspiration.

@maat I hope you do. It gives another dimension to life. I will expect/hope to see your painting on here soon. 🖼

@Cdubois Now that is so lovely to know. I am just starting on my new style so it’s great to be rewarding by responses like yours.

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