Know me by my Name

To use or not to use one’s real name, instead of a moniker, on social media?

China I think came down on the side of a system only allowing real names.

Twitter and QuodVerum (just two examples) provide the option to use either.

The monoliths of Google Twitter and Facebook have populations seemingly larger than many countries. This produces power which inevitably results in abuse. These three have done that in spades allegedly.


@MarieGreen A moniker provides a mask so no reality has to take the responsibility for the masked one’s words or deeds.

In the social media play pens, people not confident in their actions use masks which largely ensure their interactions have no long term value.

My thinking is that QV is a first and even in it’s infancy can carve out a place that will be the foundation for a Mt. Everest. Yes you have seen the queues.

Real names may be one of the key building blocks.



There are many good reasons for people being anonymous on social media.

If you want to take offense at what someone says, scroll on by, or block the person.

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