"4. Utilization of a recognized verification process to identify a person prior to the issuance of a driver license or identification card."

Press your states to withdraw recognition of the driver licenses and IDs of the states not in compliance.


A work of mine from a few years ago ... just wanted to show how I'm feeling about this community.

The piece is titled, ©"Besties."

Guess who organized and launched "Operation Broken Heart?" Yup, 'ol Sleepy JEFF SESSIONS!

" The US Justice Department said Tuesday that it has arrested nearly 1,700 alleged online child sex offenders in a two-month operation across the country.

The "Broken Heart" operation of April and May took aim at people who make and distribute child pornography, as well as those who receive and download it."


The term 'Nazi' sure is getting thrown around a lot by the left.

@MarieGreen A moniker provides a mask so no reality has to take the responsibility for the masked one’s words or deeds.

In the social media play pens, people not confident in their actions use masks which largely ensure their interactions have no long term value.

My thinking is that QV is a first and even in it’s infancy can carve out a place that will be the foundation for a Mt. Everest. Yes you have seen the queues.

Real names may be one of the key building blocks.



Know me by my Name

To use or not to use one’s real name, instead of a moniker, on social media?

China I think came down on the side of a system only allowing real names.

Twitter and QuodVerum (just two examples) provide the option to use either.

The monoliths of Google Twitter and Facebook have populations seemingly larger than many countries. This produces power which inevitably results in abuse. These three have done that in spades allegedly.

@MarieGreen @Hunter @GodlessNZ @NotJustMe @holymolyrocky @lp_1985

It's not an opinion.

It is a fact.

Show me how the SEIU has improved the lot of unskilled workers.

The Fascist propaganda promoting unions is garbage, and that is not an opinion.

No wonder over 90% of our workforce told the union goons to fuck off.

@MarieGreen @Hunter @GodlessNZ @NotJustMe @holymolyrocky @lp_1985


Is the go to tool of corrupt assholes to either shake small factory owners or screw the workers.

I was introduced to a wood craftsman with a router who just created these:

Cribbage board out of walnut

@MarieGreen @capnjoe

Australia concentrated on the Pacific.

Although about 13,000 Australian airmen served in Europe, they were in the British Royal Air Force. There were no ground troops.

When you consider that 19,000 Americans were killed in ONE MONTH during the Battle of the Bulge, you can see that it's not really seemly for you to complain that I didn't credit Australia with defeating the Nazis.

It's not a competition.

Saul with all the hoopla over youtube and other social media I woul expect the numbers here to grow much more in the near future . I am proud of the fact i joined in the beginning and a monthly contributor I hope many of the new members realize that few things in life are free and contribute to keep this great media site operating .


Incredible moment a 97-year-old US veteran recreates his D-Day drop alongside hundreds of other paratroopers on the 75th anniversary of the Normandy landings

Tom Rice, 97, among 200 parachutists leaping from vintage C-47 Dakota planes today over France
Rice trained for six months so that he could jump in a tandem into roughly the same area he did on D-Day
He made a safe landing to roaring applause as an American flag blazed underneath him during the jump


Brits laying it on BIGLY for POTUS Trump.

Be in no doubt. The Brits will be DESPERATE to get back into Trump's favor, right now. After SpyGate and this BREXIT disaster, they have almost no leverage.

If Trump wanted world eyes on SpyGate, here's his chance. He's also ginning up the hype, every chance he gets. Clever.

Let's hope that some MOABs are about to drop about what went on, potentially from the Brits this time.


@MarieGreen @davidohlerking

Marie, will look into this, and thanks. Of interest are the blues and greens to the right of the chart. I am highly analytical, very left brain introvert. I stare intensely at beautiful works of art in museums where the painters use colors that would never occur to me. Celebrate where other artists will bring in blues/greens to shadow flesh tones. Just not intuitive to me. But I like it like that. Like being me - like their works, with different skills.

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