THIS is horseshit.

"The number of Muhammads born in America will only increase which means Islam will wield more power in the United States."

It's like a child wrote that.

Our elected representatives aren't absolute monarchs. They can propose whatever they want, but getting it ENACTED is the issue.

The Smiling Somali is a car crash. How has she advanced the "power of Islam" in the US?

People need to switch on their brains and stop embarrassing themselves.


Now the following States have feeds posting to each of their sites:

New York
North Carolina
South Carolina

@vince What the hell are these people thinking??? Seriously! Reclaiming. Slavery reparations. The dinosaurs want their planet back will be next. Watch.

Fantastic must read article (journal?) on . @Debradelai shines a strong spotlight on the many devils in the details.

Definitely read in a relaxed state. This took me a while and I'm still absorbing, my mind still spinning from how much I didn't know.

Epic epoch.

In casual conversation and serious speeches (including the speech spoken at my graduation), people often allude to the world being "a scary place" now, with the implication being a veiled Trump jab. You know, because he's a racist homophobe xenophobe islamophobe etc.

I haven't even been alive that long, but I have read history books, so no, the world is not a scary place if you account for LITERALLY any other era in human history.

Here's a video of the 3 men stopping the London Bridge attacker with nothing but a Narwal Tusk, a Fire Extinguisher & Fists.


Click on the full picture.

There will never be a First Lady who has such class and grace again in my life time.

The smears thrown at this lady by the ‘woke’ left and she just struts it off with elegance and pride.

Love her 😍

Nov 30 - Nasiriyah, Dhi Qar Province, southern
Armed tribes have taken control over major roads to prevent -backed militias from entering their province.


They are not reporters...they are fictional novelists....making things up to fit their story line.

@MarieGreen @Debradelai
As many of us here may know. But saying as "we all" know I fear may be a bit generous.
Look at how people freaked out about Mental Hospitals over one drug addicts movie

There was a black market for everything. Norwegians spent all their time figuring out how to defy the government that they claimed to love.

They paid only lip service to their stated values.

And every Norwegian I met was a dreary nag.

I was a teenager, but adults insisted on lecturing me about Ronald Reagan.


We still have a day of Spring BUT it seems we are in for another heatwave and the endless drought. (36C is 97F). ⛄️ ❄️ 💭

What was it you said about how people smile?

You can't fake that

God bless my president and the United States of America.

Iraqis seen burning the flag of the mullahs' regime ruling , making it crystal clear that they fully understand the source of their miseries.

Hahaha. Sends fake motorcade to golf club. Did he really do this? I certainly hope he did!!!

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.