“When you go home tell them of us, and say for your tomorrow we gave our today" Imagine.

@REX @Cdubois

He said in 1984 that his opulent lifestyle was "cute" but meaningless.

I also heard him say at a rally that he doesn't care about his business empire anymore.

I think the business empire was a cover.

I think he knew from 1969--when he began fearing for the world--that he would have to become president someday.

So he created a global network of people who would help him become the best president in our history.

Referencing the continuing ‘mass murder’ events specifically in USA. Thrust into my eyes and ears after every such event is the command to look at Australia and her gun laws. I am prompted often to reply ‘ Rubbish. Do your homework’ But being a gentile lady of advanced years I refrain. However, like USA, Australia also stepped away from Christian charity run hospital care for mentally ill in the ‘60s and government sliced to pieces public hospital and hostel care for the same people.

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Interesting indeed.

Hillary may have also flipped on the Obamas. Put nothing past her.

Blatant plea for help from a LOL (little old lady).

I have entered my sunrise painting in the Fine Art America contest for a billboard and need 250 votes before judges will even see it. There is no charge to votes and you will be reqwarded with my undying gratitude cos I have a good feeling about this.

I am late to the party as it CLOSES 312 JULY 2019



"Say what you want about President Trump’s Twitter habits..."

OK, I will.

In his campaign Trump promised, "I have no time for political correctness".

On Twitter Trump is on point, -accurate and straighforward. Straight talk.

In this gobble-dee-goop era, The President is refreshing, forthright and EFFECTIVE. Besides all that, his daily communiques with a nobody like me is very much appreciated.

After a three year sabbatical I am back at the easel travelling a new journey ~

‘There is no posts in ’ the nasty little lying hound of a secret Chinese bot flashes at me in tortured English. Say it isn’t so!

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