President Trump asked a reporter at his April 6th press event if she was working for the government of China, following a hostile question.

She replied that her company – Phoenix Media – is “privately” owned.

She’s lying.

The Hong Kong/Cayman Islands based Phoenix Media is actually owned in large part by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and by a former CCP propaganda officer.

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Although that is definitely fitting given the prior bs of the weekend, I felt the need for a learning experience, ikr 😄.. maybe it was all of the fresh air from working my gardens once again..or maybe I'm just happy to be back amongst mi familia of Quods..or both..😏❤

2. Reddit or the chans.

I have no intention of closing.

There are many thousands of people who use this platform in good faith, abide by it rules and offer thousands of points of view in all matters.

That will be defended at all costs.

We have no sacred cows and no privileged classes.

We are not for sale or rent.

Our principles are not negotiable.


I will suspend the custom of warning to reduce the drama. But am ready to answer any question.

Time to move on.


CULTS They have a leader wearing a cloak of mystery and are the teller of tales believable sometimes. For @REX to proffer his head for a cult with such little credibility is sad. I am sad that Rex chose a sure path away from the light. I imagine the door is open for him to stay or to go. Though if he gets clear air with the QV chief/s I trust he will stay here where the grass is green.

@Mipsel @timr @REX @watch4thedrop

Make sure you stay out, and don't forget to "trust the plan."

Thank you for making my point.

Oh, yes, do let the door hit your arse on the way out.

@REX Mentioning Q in passing shouldn’t trigger ANYONE!
WTF is going on?
It’s obviously a raw nerve to many, but should NOT be a reason for such drastic steps!
Texting/posting has always been problematic, because there’s no inflection to what’s being said and is cause for things to escalate unnecessarily.
Pick up the phone and resolve this!
You are one of about 4 people I look forward to hearing from!
Don’t leave!!

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Saul and Thomas opened themselves up for personal scrutiny just as I have with my real name.

If you want to be taken seriously, don't hide behind curtains, ghosts and pseudonyms.

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Q or whatever It is sometimes sounds reasonable, like glancing a headline or clickbait. The issue is that none of here need to rely mysterious and cryptic for the “true facts” We have a record here from just Don Saul, Thomas , Rex and others beat the snot out of Q in accurate and real time analysis.
This board is a terrific real time filter as well

@REX @Debradelai @watch4thedrop
Rex, you can't leave buddy
I came here looking for Thomas and Brian, and son of bitch, you were here
I don't understand this, but please don't leave
Im kinda scared to post this, because i don't wanna get banned, a lot of that going around these days
I scroll through everyday looking for the orange post
Nobody can explain to me what's happening better than you buddy

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@MEMA I decided it best to just not comment to him and used the "zipped lips" emoje. I wanted to tell him to delete his post,that one day he might regret posting it. But he's smart. And knew what reaction he'd get.I found the whole thing odd.And disrepectful to Saul

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I would think that if you have access to twatterland it's easy enough to find out..there's a big difference between concern and conspiracy theory..if you learn nothing else you will learn that what he left, in his carefully contrived exit was a fear of the rules we all happily agreed to and one of our reasons for being here, and have lived by harmoniously until he wasn't..question is, he had an outlet on twatter, agreed to the rules here..point?

@MEMA @REX @watch4thedrop

Acute observation.

Alas, our rules apply to all EQUALLY.

He knew what he was doing and left me no choice.

Some who inadvertently slip are keen to comply once reminded of the trespass. Others, feign surprise.

Alas, paraphrasing Thomas Paine, if we are going to have a monarch in this place, let us crown the constitution, that the world may know that, to us, the Law is king.

It's not a matter of my liking it or not, however often that fallacy is invoked.

@REX And then there's the announced military action against the drug cartels, something no other president has been willing to do. This is a big deal.

I have read all of Brian Cates articles but this one is right up there as one of his very best.

Xi is a hack. In his world, this is a great victory for China. He underestimates not just American power, but also Trump's genius.

And Xi doesn't seem to understand that everyone thinks the regime sucks. China is about as inspirational as a fart in an elevator.

Xi is single handedly destroying his own regime. He just doesn't get it.


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