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Low Information Journalism:
1. Anonymous sourcing
2. No specifics or pertinent information that informs or gives any valid or useful content.
3. Documented source is hearsay evidence from someone else.
4. Exaggerated language that pushes fear or anger.
5. The emphasis of the article lauds/villifies people or personalities.
6. Policy issues are minimized or non existent.

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Also here because of Wictor. The "Wictor Method" which I call it:

Reverse engineer a problem or issue and then when you reach the limits of your knowledge or evidence, you pick a conclusion with the least amount of assumptions.

This is by far the one of the most sound and valid approaches of analysis I have ever seen. It has totally changed how I break down problems and information. That and getting a thorough understanding of how things works makes spotting disinformation significantly easier

Is China ripe for the same currency collapse as Russia years ago? Soros is speaking out against BlackRock investment in China. Says it imperils US national security. Like he cares.

Ayn Rand on Donahue about Communists and their fellow travelers. She hated Communists because they put ideology over human life and living itself. Utterly depraved people. Her view was that that they thought nothing of sacrificing whole nations. That's why they put ideology first. It's a religion.

Progressives by nature treat people like objects. That's why they feel no concern for them when they abandon them like they abandon pets on a highway.

@Gmajv Many people believe in nothing. They have no core beliefs at all and jump on any bandwagon as long as they are validated for it. Democrats are no different. This is how they go from Voter ID is racist to vaccine passports. They have no core principles and no real integrity to fix it.

@Dawnz They fetishize minorities the same way. "Black Lives Matter" is premised on the virtue of people of color. It's Rousseau "Noble Savage" doctrine writ large and used as a means to impute virtue or vileness due to external attributes. The entirety of their doctrine is superficial and fake, and is designed to deny individual identity.

"They are ignorant, virtuous creatures who can't get an ID to vote who need our protection from evil white Supremacists. "

@Dawnz They don't know anything about guns because guns are bad and any knowledge of them will make you bad. Bad ideas come from bad people or things. It's a fetish.


Premise: Biden was paid off to fail in Afghanistan like he was paid off to fail with Crimea.

Hunter is known to have collected $3+ million from the Russians prior to the Crimea invasion.

How was Joe Biden paid? Hunter Biden's artwork has been selling like crazy lately. We know that Joe Biden gets half of Hunter's salary. All of these things are documented to have happened aside from my premise. I will post links and photos in the second post.

Trump's interview with Hannity. I miss him so much after this interview. He goes into detail about his negotiations with the Taliban. He also talks about the withdrawal plan. There is alot packed into this interview.

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