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Victory nears.

Time for us to reassemble.

See you guys on twatter:


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1. New evidence that the Beijing regime deliberately let the Wuhan virus spread, w/o warning the US.

Some people appear surprised when I argue that the Wuhan virus was a deliberate attack by the Chinese regime on the west.

To me it's plain as day. Since 2017, the Chinese economy has been imploding. This was retaliation by Xi.

Ask yourself - why would a good faith govt deliberately suppress that it knew of the virus existence , while watching it spread overseas?

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@REX This is an excellent thread. I'm so glad that you and QuadVerum are around. It's the only news I follow. Along with @drawandstrike on twitter, of course

So Biden offered Beto a job for an endorsement? Still breaking federal laws I see

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Where are the original Flynn 302s and why will the FBI not produce them?

DoJ needs to withdraw the charges if there's anyone with decency left.


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Also, why waste $millions and months on prosecuting a weasel like McCabe on 'lying to the FBI' charges, when you can spend far less money and time nailing the SOB to the wall, on far more serious ones?

Maybe I'm wrong and it's all a 'Deep State's 2 tiered system if justice, like the Hannity Posse say.

But I doubt it.

Let's see what happens.

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Wonder where Mayor Pete came from? The society his father founded is an excellent place to start. Insight into his Marxist background. internationalgramscisociety.or

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@GenFlynn @SidneyPowell

They are essencially upset that their case against Rafiekian was dismissed over their inability to prove that any crime was committed and blame the general for their own corruption and stupidity.

You can read the whole document here:

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It’s 1:15 a.m. and I pull this guy over. He’s smashed. I mean SMASHED.

“Where are you coming from?” I ask him.

He starts giggling like a school girl.

“A parrrrtyyyyy,” he said. “We just watched them kick President Trump out of office. I be celebrating like a mo-fo.”

You should have seen the look on his face when I told him President Trump wasn’t kicked out of office… and that he was under arrest for drunk driving.

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Trump's second term will be amazing.

He won't have any limits.

In most ways, he hasn't even gotten started yet.

Think about THAT.


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“Today Swedish telecom giant Ericsson has admitted to a years-long campaign of corruption in five countries to solidify its grip on telecommunications business. Through slush funds, bribes, gifts, and graft, Ericsson conducted telecom business with the guiding principle that ‘money talks.’ Today’s guilty plea and surrender of over a billion dollars in combined penalties should communicate ...that doing business this way will not be tolerated.”

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The arrogance of these people.

What Lisa Page doesn't seem to understand is that legally the text messages were NOT hers, but FBI/DOJ text messages, as she was using a government issued phone.

After yesterday's IG bombshell, my feeling is that a significant chunk of the population have been red-pilled or at least have started the process.

They're not going to buy the victim narrative from police state goons like Page anymore.

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Supreme Court Upholds Mandatory Ultrasound for Fetal Dismemberment

Before you rip it appart, you have to LOOK AT IT, LISTEN TO IT

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My heart goes out to General Flynn. I cannot imagine what it was like being forced to exist in this dangerously deceitful atmosphere. And then being destroyed for telling the truth.

But I believe that - ultimately - justice will prevail.


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Like I've been saying for two years.

The IG looks into compliance with internal procedures, rules and regulations.

Sometimes (as in the latest report) it finds that rules are insufficient, unclear or non-existent.

It is not the IG's job to conduct criminal investigations.

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