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What does it say about our society? When the thing that might bring Andrew Cuomo down is some minor sexual harassment case. When he literally sent elderly people to their death in nursing homes. Nobody cares about the elderly that died...

But we're drawing the line at sexual harassment?

Wow been gone a few days, shocked to see the amount of posts with “antivaxxers” being referenced. Careful, starting to sound like birdies over here.

The patriot act was not for patriotic purposes at all.

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The AZ Rangers created a Go Fund Me page after PayPal suspended their account. Mike Montalvo set up the fundraiser — he is the IT Director for the AZ Rangers (our team spoke with him personally today).

The AZ Rangers are protecting our Maricopa audit and they need our support. The Rangers are a volunteer organization and they need help with expenses over the next 4-6 weeks as they donate their time to secure our audit.


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🚨 🚨 New Column Alert!!!!🚨 🚨

How Worried is the Brookings Institute About The Subpoenaed Documents They Just Had To Turn Over To The Durham Special Counsel's Office?

Pretty damn worried, I'd say. It led them to run to the NYT's to leak about it.

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I agree with Rick Grenell here. That said, cops in our culture are set up to fail.

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Richard Grenell
Bad police officers,
Bad teachers,
Bad government bureaucrats
could all be fired faster if their unions didn’t make it impossible to fire bad employees.

Fix the problem of how difficult it is to fire people who don’t do their jobs.
12:45 PM · Apr 20, 2021·Twitter for iPhone

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When it seems that things are falling apart and the center is not holding, stop and listen to your own inner self.

Listen for a quiet voice amidst the chaos.

My guess is you'll calm down and realize what IS TRUE:

The best is yet to come.


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Mick Jagger needed surgery on his heart in 2017. Did he wait in line as most UK citizens do in a semi socialized medicine state? Nope. He booked a flight to NYC and had his surgery in America. This is during the time the liberal prick was pushing for socialized medicine here.
The rich will buy the best care when they preach the worst care for the rest of us.

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I'm asking everyone to Please Pray for My Son, he is 23 and has COVID and it's Bad, Very Bad! He has always been so healthy and to see that he has gone downhill so fast, and the worst part is that I can't even see him, I feel like a caged lion!
They can't get his fever down, it's been at 101 for 3 days now, he said his body & eyes hurt so bad that he can barely open his eyes.
Having lost one child already in this lifetime, I don't think I could survive if I lose another one!

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We are now learning?

I said it a year ago in Beard Blather. It was right there in the autopsy report!

May the lord bless and keep you all! Happy Easter!

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This is my friends niece who disappeared from Anchorage. She’s 15 and must be found. Spread this far and wide. 😢🙏🏻

Now make a shortage of things people need and watch the masses freak.

Just my thoughts....

I mean, first the covid lockup’s, the economy tanks, Biden is installed, boarder wide open, Congress and Democrats totally irrational spending, people are PISSED.

So has anyone thought that the canal blockage was to make some things in short supply to make people even more pissed off then they already are?

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