There is new evidence showing that covid isn't attacking lungs, it blocking hemoglobin from transporting oxygen to the body by displacing iron in the hemoglobin cell (hypoxia). Putting patients on ventilators doesn't help. Hydroxychloroquine blocks this process from happening.

Notice how Trump is REALLY pushing “Right To Try” and NOT mentioning vaccines at all. Not only is he against the whole idea...He KNOWS what the CURE is. Hydroxycholroquine. The media tries to shut him down, because [they] know that once the cure is known, the PANIC stops.

I just read that a guy on CNN, talking about the virus, said:

"At the end of the day, what's going to keep you safe is your own common sense."

No offense, but wake up, dude! You're saying that to people who actually *watch* CNN!😂

Schools are closed are we getting a break on property taxes

From Bill mitchel on twitter
You know one reason I know Dr. Doom Fauci is a Hillary plant?

Because he is the 's FAVORITE GUY on the Trump team and the never loves you unless you're working for them.

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Peyote must be some awesome shit, I don't know how, but I read some of Carlos Casteneda works.
Took me years to clear my head.

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I would support President Trump replacing the entire press corps at his next news conference with one doctor, one nurse, one truck driver, one teacher, one cop, one grocery clerk, one pilot, one waiter and one high school kid.

And let them ask the questions that actually matter.

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With every passing day, more evidence and signs indicate that the Iranian regime knew about coronavirus cases in the country weeks before it officially admitted, but it kept it secret for its own benefits.

The key here is precedent.

Are we telling the world that all it takes to bring the most powerful nation on earth to its knees economically is a virus? Every new virus that comes along, we shut down and expand the national debt by $2 trillion in government cheese?


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4) “In this Christian Broadcasting Network interview, is Birx flattering the president’s ‘ability to analyze and integrate data’ as a way to persuade him not to ignore data next week?” criticized CNN White House correspondent John Harwood.Dean piled-on: “She has killed what was once her respectable career in Goveenmwnt [sic] service.”

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Senate Bill Includes $350 Million for “Refugee & Migration Assistance”
By Todd Starnes -

OPINION: The coronavirus relief bill in the U.S. Senate includes $350 million for “migration and refugee assistance.”

What that has to do with providing funding for the American people or resolving the coronavirus crisis was not explained.

That’s $350 million that will not be given to hard-working American families or small business that are on the verge of declaring bankruptcy.

I just got thrown off of Facebook again second time in three weeks, from a post in July

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LA Times and Bloomberg News Both Report: Federal Stockpile of N95 Masks Was Depleted Under Obama and Never Restocked

I imagine this is why we saw dozens of fake news "masks don't work" stories -- Obama's minions were putting out the spin because they knew they'd left the country open to a pandemic.

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@kbrendell @ChanelRion
OAN, One American News, a wonderful example of open reporting,, unencumbered from the Demkrat poison spewed upon our people daily. We pray you can continue in the face of this horrid oppositional false press. All of America needs to see the prejudice & falsehoods presented daily as news. Keep on giving US the real news. Thank you.

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