Still 8k people using the *very* old release of #Fedilab on Google Play.
I think I will update it with the only goal to display a step by step for getting it for free on #Fdroid.

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Wuhan virus is now solved.

1 ) Folks, you know me, I've been here on QV since the beginning. I'm about to drop some really, really good news on you, even if it's premature.

If I'm wrong, please don't dump on me. I have no reason to believe the source, I just now stumbled across it. But it makes so, so much sense. Gotta share.

Maeve Kennedy Townsend McKean member of the 'Kennedy family' that went missing yesterday.. interesting background -
>McKean, a lawyer, is executive director of the Georgetown University Global Health Initiative
>worked for U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein in California
>During McKean worked in the State Dept’s global AIDS program & on human rights in the Dept of Health and Human Services.

@REX The one thing of which I'm almost 100 percent positive is the idea the Trump doesn't let personal attacks slide.

They've tried to destroy him and his family. There will be consequences.

2. We need some very PUBLIC takedowns of crooks.

Including media figures/journalists.

Right now I'm seeing conservatives going back into their shells as whiners. Dan Bongino partisan hackery.

'Can you imagine what would happen if a conservative said that?'


Fact is, the left still own the minds of their followers. They're good at it. They'll never be fair, so stop bitching.

And start fighting.

Reading these transcripts of Trump at his press conferences is fascinating. Consider:

'Our country is in the midst of a great national trial, unlike any we have ever faced before. You all see it. You see it probably better than most. We’re at war with a deadly virus. Success in this fight will require the full absolute measure of our collective strength, love, and devotion. It’s very important.'

Is Trump talking about the virus, or something else?

@REX @drawandstrike here in brazil A LOT of media sources, politicians and companies under chinese influence have been exposed

we are breaking the forceful lockdown because the hospitals are empty, hidroxicloroquine is a VERY EFFECTIVE medicine and the lies to sustain the panic and break the economy under bolsonaro are not working anymore


Rex, I'm going to say this until I'm not here on this physical Earth. EACH DAY is a day never lived before. We don't know what will happen nor what is happening in its entirety. As @ThomasWic will tell you, these are extraordinary times in our lives. Before Pres.Trump, not many people knew or believed there was a swamp. Now that's scary. THERE ARE so many people who are disgusted with the way things are but refuse to give up on the belief that justice will be served.
Have hope. Please.

This is absolutely outstanding and hey another example why everyone can ignore the mainstream media.

Our corner of the internet has brilliant minds. In this case, a searchable database of primary source documents relating to Mid Year Exam, the Obama FBI/DOJ cover-up of Crooked's illegal server.


Each and every one of them MUST be held accountable with the book thrown at them and even new pages added as a very public display for this to never happen again.


We did learn there were I think 8 field offices involved in just those that Horowitz had to interrupt his investigation to report the widespread corruption of the FISA process to Wray.

He was investigating 41 and only 4 of those followed FBI procedures and I think only two followed "Woods".

Do we burn it down? Absolutely NOT!

The rats will just smell the smoke and scurry off to strike again, as history reminds us over and over again.

IMPORTANT : SpyGate pivots to ObamaGate.

Obama and his goons were illegally targeting and spying on innocent Americans for years.

Wait until we learn that the same names in the Obama administration connect these 29 dodgy FISAs together.

And who the targets are.

Greatest scandal in US history.

@ScottJenningsKY: "Just watched @MSNBC package of Biden gun exchange. 1) didn't include 'you are full of shit.' 2) edited out threat to 'slap' the guy's 'face.' 3) edited out Biden shushing female staffer.

So...this qualifies as 'manipulated' video, right?"

(H/T @bennyjohnson RT )

@RGReader @REX

hmm 🤔 Is that like when Comey posts pics (his odd pics),like standing among a bunch of trees, other pics and puts a strange comment with the pic?Id heard awhile back he was sending a coded message with them to someone

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