Each and every one of them MUST be held accountable with the book thrown at them and even new pages added as a very public display for this to never happen again.


We did learn there were I think 8 field offices involved in just those that Horowitz had to interrupt his investigation to report the widespread corruption of the FISA process to Wray.

He was investigating 41 and only 4 of those followed FBI procedures and I think only two followed "Woods".

Do we burn it down? Absolutely NOT!

The rats will just smell the smoke and scurry off to strike again, as history reminds us over and over again.

IMPORTANT : SpyGate pivots to ObamaGate.

Obama and his goons were illegally targeting and spying on innocent Americans for years.

Wait until we learn that the same names in the Obama administration connect these 29 dodgy FISAs together.

And who the targets are.

Greatest scandal in US history.


@ScottJenningsKY: "Just watched @MSNBC package of Biden gun exchange. 1) didn't include 'you are full of shit.' 2) edited out threat to 'slap' the guy's 'face.' 3) edited out Biden shushing female staffer.

So...this qualifies as 'manipulated' video, right?"


(H/T @bennyjohnson RT )

@RGReader @REX

hmm 🤔 Is that like when Comey posts pics (his odd pics),like standing among a bunch of trees, other pics and puts a strange comment with the pic?Id heard awhile back he was sending a coded message with them to someone

1. Remember, the DOJ didn't charge the Rosenberg's with 'lying to the FBI', or Congress.

They went for the killshot:


In fact there is much we can learn about whats happening today, from the Rosenberg case.


I published #Fedilab 2.29.0

Release notes:

It should be available in few hours on Google Play and in few days for #Fdroid

Can anyone here help me find a @ThomasWic thread where Thomas tells us about how President Trump has changed his style throughout his presidency? I can't remember if it was on that Twit site or here. Thanks.

Don Surber:
The highlight of President Donald John Trump's rally last night in Monroe, Louisiana, was the president reading the tweets of Mark Zaid, who claims to be the lawyer for the alleged whistle blower. Zaid tweeted 10 days after the inauguration, the "coup has started."

I read some of his tweets and thought no one could be so stupid as to leave a paper trail.

And yet, here we are.


Have these Republicucks got no imagination? "Derrr....this is Drumpf country!!!" STOP IT. Think of something else to say you morans.

Have these Republicucks got no imagination? "Derrr....this is Drumpf country!!!" STOP IT. Think of something else to say you morans.

Can anyone please tell me how to get Twitter links to open with twitpane on my Android phone?


As Trump is implying, two can play the subpoena game.

Also, he KNOWS EVERYTHING. Trump doesn't say things he can't back up.

Note the reference to the Obama book deal. I always suspected it was potential money laundering.


@Kathleen @bonmarche946 @REX


Trump is conditioning us to accept charges against the Clintons and Obamas.

If charges had been filed three years ago, there would've been hell to pay.

But NOW, we're used to the idea and even see it as inevitable.


1. President Trump did more than take on Rep. Elijah Cummings today with his tweets about Baltimore and his retweeting of videos showing the garbage and squalor in Cummings' district. He also led the Democrats into a pre-prepared trap, and now he's inside the walls, so to speak, of the Democratic inner-city fortress.

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