This is what political correctness does to law enforcement.

Because he's BLACK, he gets to argue endlessly and then kill firefighter Mitchell Lundgaard and take a human shield who is herself then shot.

She survived with serious injuries.

Look how much time he had to pull his gun and charge it.

Did the mainstream press cover this? Of course not.

@ThomasWic I watched that video in sheer horror.
His Draw was slow & clumsy & as he comes up with the gun while backing away I suddenly realized the Cops HADN'T EVEN DRAWN YET. They drew AFTER he fired.
I can tell you unequivocally that had those been Texas Cops the instant he mumbled "Naw" and "reasons" to resist a pat down he'd be looking down at least 2 Gun Barrels.
And if he'd tried to draw at that point, give him a Cigar & Blindfold.
Stupid Cops in "Help Mode"


AND the cops let the bastard kill a firefighter.

I was pulled over by the Texas Department of Public Safety because I fit the profile of a drug mule.

So I pulled onto the shoulder, opened my glove compartment, rolled down the front passenger window, turned off the engine, put the keys on the dashboard, and put my hands on 10 and 2 on the wheel.

They STILL had their hands on the butts of their weapons when they approached.

Unnerving, but their lives were at stake.

@ThomasWic Things have changed a LOT since the 70's in Texas.
But one thing hasn't.
When on duty a Texas Cop can be friendly, BUT IS NOT YOUR FRIEND.
Unknown =Threat.
They assess first, then ask questions to feel out a situation.
Those WI Cops failed that Firefighter completely.
They had every right to OPEN FIRE the instant he began to Draw.



The cops failed the firefighter/medic but medics are usually first on the scene for seizures & AMS/unresponsive.

If the guy OD’d on enough heroin or whatever to need Narcan, he’s unresponsive or incapacitated. While one medic is starting a line, the other is checking the body head to toe for trauma, medical signs, weapons & needles. If there’s a weapon, it’s removed for safekeeping (I would lock it in my unit).


Now everyone is safe - you, your partner, the patient, bystanders - and THEN you hit him with Narcan. You’ve got about 10-20 seconds before he jumps up. If he books, good riddance, he’s now PD’s problem but at least he’s unarmed & alive.

@MaggieMoore @DuaneCates this man is not and standing up and talking. This is confusing. I am not familiar with narcane but what are you saying this firefighter did wrong ? Not getting it . He should have charged him and taking him down?


Before the shooter was talking, alert, & agitated, he was stoned & sluggish or unconscious. THAT was the time to give him a quick pat down, remove any weapons, & prevent escalation.
Once you administer Narcan, the “high” is reversed in literally 10 seconds and the patient “awakens” agitated. In this case, the medic is no longer in control & the cop takes over. Only he didn’t.

As a retired medic, I’m traumatized by this scene. It was preventable on so many levels.


@MaggieMoore @DuaneCates ooooohhhh I see .. what if they got there and he was no longer in that state ?

@MaggieMoore @DuaneCates oh I am following you now . Sorry are saying that this was AFTER narcane wore off and why did they Miss disarming him ... Oh goodness ... this is Terrible .. thank you for educating me . I was trying to follow what you meant .

@inverness01 @DuaneCates

Opiates (heroin/codeine) wear off in x # of hours, depending on the amt taken. Narcan speeds up the process by ejecting the opiate from the body’s cell receptors in seconds & then Narcan blocks those receptors for ~24 hours, making any attempt to get high ineffective for 24 hours.

In other words, an OD can go from unconscious/near death to stone cold sober, alert & talking in seconds. The process always causes patient agitation but seeing it in action never grows old.

@MaggieMoore I can only imagine ..I have been so disturbed thinking about this since I have seen it .

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