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There are a few ways to do it. The easiest is this Method. You basically just melt colored wax into plain wax so that it paints on translucent. Then you can go back with darker colors or more opaquely colored wax and paint on your details.

This candle (a gift from Ireland where this technique is common) gave me the idea.

It is very simply done so you can see exactly how to do it.

You can even use store bought candles.

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All right then.

it is.

They think they can silence real journalists who expose corruption & illegal human organs sales by criminal organizations like Planned Parenthood?

They're wrong.

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Thanks to disgraced FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, who told us in a text message that “POTUS wants to know everything we’re doing,” we know that President Obama was kept fully informed about the deep-state coup against President Trump. Liar and leaker James Clapper has thrown Obama under the bus by saying the plotters would not have proceeded without President Obama’s approval.

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Nov 16 - Shiraz, central
Security forces are opening fire & killing protesters.
Unconfirmed reports claim eight civilians have been killed in this area alone.

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I have never understood people who think an artist must suffer penury.

To succeed with one's work is not to "sell out". It is to succeed.

More power to those who can do so despite the envy an jelousy of those who, unable to sell their wares, make empty claims of "selling out".

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@MaggieMoore @prchrskd @rarity @paul_schmehl last i saw him he was beefing with the boss man. assumed he quit because of that

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@rarity @MaggieMoore @paul_schmehl yes I also found him. I just want to make sure he's breathing. We boomers have to watch out for each other. 😆

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@MaggieMoore @prchrskd @paul_schmehl

Yes — I did just think to look on Twit and saw that he’s posted there.

Thank you.

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I haven't seen @paul_schmehl for a while. Anybody seen or heard from him?

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In honor of returning good health of @Debradelai I pitched in an Lps worth of geld

Attention Quods!!

Are you fiscally conservative?

Do you believe deficits are a viable avenue for continued success?

Consider this. We are all enjoying this site courtesy of the time and treasure of @Debradelai

Consider making a donation!

Give what you can, when you can.!supportus


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'I let the side down': Prince Andrew tells BBC he was wrong to stay with Jeffrey Epstein but has 'no recollection' of meeting billionaire pedophile's 'slave' who says she had sex with him three times

Duke of York has faced scrutiny over friendship with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein
Andrew said he kicks himself 'daily' for staying with Epstein after his conviction
Virginia Roberts alleges she was coerced into having sex with Andrew 3 times

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What a miserable bitch.

She is not a hostage in Tehran.
She is not a casualty of Clinton's incompetence in Benghazi.

She is a political operative allied to the people who gave us the hostages in Iran and the corpses in Lybia.

A mystifying, two-faced, lying gargoyle with no morals, principles or sense of decency.

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@NevadaJack @Lonestar @masterblaster @Cdubois @JM

Per my friend, Bev, who founded The Band of Mothers:

"Please email the President & thank him!

God Bless President Donald J Trump! We finally have a Commander-in-Chief who supports and defends the brave men and women of our military."

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Lori Hendry Tweeted

Dear Democrats, we hated Obama like you hate Trump. Except we hated Obama because he hated America.

You hate Trump because YOU hate America.

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Joseph J. Flynn ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Tweeted

A star is born!
... thank you for your bravery for stank face up to these Soviets...





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