I'm skipping over a bunch of crap about Simona, George & Kiki ... all three want desperately to be on the cover of the National Inquirer. Oh the drama.

For those who don't know, Louise follows me & we've DM'd each other recently.....

I'll stop with the Bradley Moss communications .... he's just upset that, according to him, the Carter Page FISA's were made public - don't ask, but I still love Bradley and so wanted him to see the light - I tried.

Oh the drama .... I'm really starting to fucking hate the "younger generation"

I reached out, made friends with Bradley Moss, but our friendship soured.....

I'm skipping over a bunch of replies to tweets. There are hundreds.

By the way .... I do not recall ever receiving any notifications from Twitter on these tweets (even though I'm apparently linked in the thread). I'm not tech savvy, but I'm not stupid and have been watching this shit for nearly a year.

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