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· Jan 23
Just so we are clear:
Borders in Ukraine very important
Borders in US not important
Borders in UK not important
Borders in Western Europe not important
Borders in Canada not important
Borders in US states not important
Borders in Ukraine important enough to fight and die over.

Today we witnessed the so called commander in chief slander a whole group of people in an insane speech full of projection lies and deceit. Every thing he said about Jan 6 was everything they allowed to happen for about 6 years. It started with their denial of violence while claiming it was peaceful protest. I was so angry today after hearing this dribble I was in a bad mood all day. I can’t wait to remove every last one of them this November. It’s gonna be a bloodbath for the slave party 🇺🇸

Happy New Year to everyone. Yes, 2021 was an historic year for the nation. A time to see who is ready and willing to stand up for American values. 2022 will be an epic year and a renewal for American Independence … there is much to do. Get ready, get involved and I’ll say it again; Local Action = National Impact🙏🏼🇺🇸

God Bless America ⭐️⭐️⭐️🙏🏼🇺🇸

Anybody have any more updates about this go ahead and post on this feed. My parents live in Polson now and just moved from Finley point. Prayers to all affected by this huge fire 🔥

Now I know why they had to prevent Trump from getting into office in the first place...

and make his first term seem “out of the ordinary” ...

and constantly roadblock his every move.

It’s not because the bad guys were afraid of prosecution for their crimes, it’s because once the veil is lifted, there is no going back.

Trump showed what a REAL AMERICAN president can do.

Now the same overused script is making Biden look comically incompetent.

The establishment illusion is over.

We won.

And the whole world got to see it.
It was glorious....

I'll spell it for you!
Otherwise it's too nice. LOL

Trump knows what he's doing.

Ask questions, keep digging, inform yourselves.

AT THE SAME TIME, be confident.

This is the START of our amazing story.

The best is yet to come.

Trump promised, and he doesn't break his promises.


Billy Sheehan is the Eddie Van Halen of the bass.

They both started doing the same thing at the same time, without knowing each other.

Van Halen was discovered at the age of 22, while Sheehan continued playing small venues until discovered by David Lee Roth at the age of 33.

Note how personable and humble Sheehan is, two traits for which Van Halen was not known.

Sheehan is very generous with his fans, signing autographs for hours at a time.

Just had an exchange with @GenFlynn .

He's doing well. And still fighting for this country.

Maybe one day he'll tell you himself.

Keep him in your thoughts.

This was the last time The Beatles would ever perform together in public. 51 years ago today.


The frantic pace and action on part of Big Tech, Media and the Biden administration, helped by Pelosi and Schumer, suggest that they know this, too. They feel something is up, and try to have as much done as possible, in the hope to have some of it stick.

There was even talk about court packing. Alas, for them: all acts by an illegitimate administration, and thus ipso facto invalid.

How high they ascended, how low they will fall...

That will be the ultimate revenge on them.

Stop wasting your time on scenarios that are not relevant to our circumstances.


If I'm right, he's not GOING TO do something.


That's why he can afford to wait.

Since people don't even grasp the significance of Trump getting his landslide, I see no reason to talk about what Trump almost certainly did to defeat the election theft.

People would simply argue with me.

And I'm not going to give the enemy a head's up.

This place is watched.

So let them sweat it out.


If you post effing pictures in this forum of grown people kissing children in the mouth, in a supposed sexual setting, you are trash. That is it and that is all. BLOCKED!

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.