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There are few attachments in life we cherish and loss of a pet is always so difficult. I pray you will always have sweet memories to comfort you.

@Timmerax Thank you for your kindness. Yes, my heart is full with loving memories.

@MadBeachBimbo I'm so sorry for your loss. They are precious little souls indeed.

@lcastle1969 Thank you. It has been 6 weeks and it’s getting easier. But I would give everything I own to have her back.

Sending you all the peace from a fellow all animal and cat lover. I know the pain and love of such a long loving relationship. Through the grace of God we still have my/our 17 year old cat and every day is precious. I’ve had her longer than my husband. 🥰 May the days get easier to bear. 🙏🌈 A Love like no other. 🐱

@heywoman Thank you. I was blessed to have her as long as I did. And we babied her every day for the final 6 weeks of her life.

@BlkLdyPatriot Thank you. It’s getting a little easier each day but I would give everything I own just to have her for another month.

@MadBeachBimbo —That’s just how I felt when my Roscoe passed away back in 2012.😿

@BlkLdyPatriot It never goes away? No, it won’t. I loved her. I will always love her. And I’m crying again.

@MadBeachBimbo —You’re right. I miss him everyday. Will keep you in prayer.🙏🏾

@MegasAlexandros @BlkLdyPatriot They steal your heart secretly until you finally realize you are losing them. I’m so glad I had time to spoil her. I’m envious you got two years but I’m very blessed for having her for her last six weeks and spoiling her rotten.

@MegasAlexandros @MadBeachBimbo

Look at the camera?????
Did you ever try to take a dog pic and take 20 that were all NG? I HAVE

@68sawtooth —🤣🤣🤣🤣

No, I haven’t. Tried to take some when Roscoe was alive. It was hit and miss.😸

@MegasAlexandros @MadBeachBimbo

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