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Attention QV Community: UPDATE on Donations for Steven

The very humble Steven Douglas Lawrence has much more expenses than expected for his surgery.

His sister, who knows him better than we do, started a Go Fund Me without asking him first, which is what I should have done!

Steven mentioned it, but its buried within a toot!

Please click the link below to donate (IF YOU CAN!) and please, BOOST!

Thank you to one and all for your willingness to help a brother.

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I'll post my final pics once I pull my pudding out of the oven. That's why I haven't put "END" yet.... it's still baking!

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Croissant Bread Pudding is a vibration recipe that really is fool-proof if you have the right ingredients. You do need a large Pyrex dish or a stoneware version.

About 10 eggs, vanilla, pour some sugar in there (I don't measure, sorry) and beat the hell out of it. Add a lot of milk, not quite doubling the volume. Remember you can always add more egg or milk if consistency is too thin or too thick.

Shred about 10 Costco croissants into the bowl and stir till they're coated.

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OK, QV Community. Help.

For two decades now, my auntie has promised to share her recipe with me for stuffed cabbage made Lebanese style, with ground lamb instead of beef and pork.

She keeps kicking the can and dithering and forgetting to send it, and she's 76 years old. Come on, man!!

I have accepted that auntie's not giving me sh*t, but I really need an old school,
kitchen-tested recipe for lamb rolls.

So if you can help a sistah out, please hook me up.

We hongry!!

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If you carry with the safety on, practice practice practice taking the safety off. If you ever have to draw and fire it MUST be automatic. There are exceptions depending on the handgun and your level of experience.

I'm happy/sad today. I'm touring Delaware for the last time before we move, with one of my dearest friends.

This place was a sad time for me- but it was where our youngest grew up so we are saying goodbye to all his schools and the homes where we lived.

I'm glad to spend time with my girlfriend and she's the best thing that came out of this place for me. I hated living in Delaware. But she is my takeaway.

I'll never be back here.

Goodbyes are always hard even if it's sad history.

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@MMA I worked with a very intelligent code writer years ago who had no idea how to do basic stuff like load his stapler w/staples. 🤪🤪

I am alive...
....I have 3 weeks until I have to pack my moving trucks and I'm overloaded with stuff to do.

Have not forgotten that I'm posting on the chairs. I'm still working on them! But it's not enough to write anything really good. I had to make more cording and buy more foam and I'm taking the fabric off the other 7 chairs in between packing and trying to find a rental as a back up if I can't get to closing fast enough!

I'm just a bit muddled so bear with me and I'll be back!

@Maryb55 @JM @Cdubois @spinmaven @MMA

That's quite a lovely gift!!

I want to do you a favor now for sure!!


I just realized what I said. 'The trim I've been waiting for.'

Shaking my head at myself.

I'm waiting on some trim?

I'm a lot of things, but desperate I'm not!

What's wrong with you people? I set up a perfect shot for you, and NONE of you took it for a slam dunk!

It's the COVID lockdowns, I'm sure. Y'all best get to practicing because Thanksgiving is coming up and you need to be on point to embarrass family members and defend against their slams, too! It's what families do!


I am so sorry!! Will it help if I move to different lighting, do you think?

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@Dawnz I’ll give this to Biden - He discovered essentially the only way to fire a Federal employee.


Update on the vintage bamboo tables.

Boy is my painting hand rusty! I never worked with chalk paint before. It's very fast drying! I'm adding shadows to the base coat. At first my hand was stiff so the paint went on blotchy. I had to dampen a larger brush to loosen the blotches and move the pigment around. Eventually I realized that I didn't want blotches, I wanted lines and shading. With a wet brush I was able to turn them into that.

I'll get better as I loosen up. Look, so far:

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You're not going to believe this:

Last night I was posting items on FB that I need to get rid of, and this beautiful china cabinet popped up in New Items. Look at the price!

I set a world record for speed in contacting the seller and renting a pickup. Went straight to uhaul after work today and picked it up @ 1630.

I beat my best deal this time. The couple gave the cabinet to me for... FREE!! It's in PERFECT condition. I am still pinching myself!

$70 bucks for the rental. Who cares!!

The chairs are in great condition. I'm going to re-cover them in a blueberry material and use a plaid cording in traditional French Country colors: blue, red, green and gold. This will go in my kitchen. I'll paint the china cabinet that I picked up 6 weeks ago to match this style.

I lost a similar set (not as nice) in my divorce 12 years ago; I'd sold most of my house stuff just to pay my attorney.

It's so awesome to see how the Lord is restoring my things back to me.

Had another FB MP adventure 2 wks ago. This time I snagged a French Country dining set from the 60s. 6 chairs, 2 armchairs, a table with 2 leaves, table pad AND buffet!

It was posted on MP at 0600; I was drinking my AM coffee and spied it and immediately msg (@0804). By 1045 I was there with mom to have a look. I bought it, no haggling!

Picked up yesterday. I slipped on asphalt trying to tip the buffet into my CRV, and smashed my chin on the hardwood. I'm a klutz.

Worth the bruise!!

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Briana Sykes was another one of Obama’s children. Young, stupid, entitled, angry and violent. She felt that she was going to go onto a life of multiple baby daddies and a humongous welfare teat to suck on. She would never have to face consequences and every Democrat that represented her on every level, which is easy in Flint, would provide a spiritual shield to a weapons forged against her.

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A real life funny:
The hubby has been working on our county business certificate. The gentleman he has been working with name is Jay Lowe. Jay told him today he needs to now talk with Phil Collins...😆

It's dinner time and my puppy is in his full "bearskin rug" mode..... he actually thinks that he is camouflaged on the linoleum and we don't see that he is waiting for us to drop something off our plates.


Seven years, and he still is hoping!


This is a new stripper that I'm trying, it's a thick gel that clings to the wood. It's gentle, so it takes longer, but it can be used indoors. So I'm working in my bathroom, because the house is packed to the rafters with boxes for the move.

I intend to take the tray part down to the wood, stain it honey brown, and then gently streak with iridescent gold. I'll detail the legs in greens, ivory, black and touches of gold to make them look like real bamboo.

I'll post my progress!

Hi all.

I have been working with my hands, which is what I do when I'm emotionally overwhelmed and need to get out of my head.

Survival mode has shot my adrenal system to hell. I need to calm down. I'll share what happened later, too early to report now because the situation is ongoing, but I'll do a Psaki and circle back on that soon.

Meanwhile, to calm my nerves, I began stripping furniture. These are my vintage faux bambo tray-top tables, from the MCM 60s era. Just $200 on FB MP.

Just dropping in to wish a Happy 4th of July to one and all.

Enjoy this great and inspired narration of the story of our flag, our Star Spangled Banner.

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