@ilumanous @carolinacally

The beginning sounded like the opening to one of my very favorite songs.

On account of my punkin princess Patti.

@capnjoe @ilumanous @carolinacally Princess Patti is absolutely adorable Joe... my nickname for my granddaughter Alexandra Grace is Princess, she still loves it when her Mema calls her that, she just graduated...she'll be 18 in September... but once a Princess always a Princess... thru the good, the bad, and the ugly... love to see you fathers gush over your children...seriously lit 😎

@MEMA @ilumanous @carolinacally

She's hilarious too.

As long as her and her momma love me, I'm alright.

Tomorrow we're going to the dump! She's stoked.

It's a wildlife sanctuary filled with deer and birds.


@capnjoe @ilumanous @carolinacally
Simple pleasures are our greatest treasures...she'll love and remember these special times...you've got the right attitude Joe about what real happiness and love is...that's a hell of great start...

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