An INCREDIBLY important thread by Chris Blackburn, who everyone should be following

(40) On Dec 1, 2017, Gen Flynn plead guilty to a single charge of “not remembering” something in that “informal interview” with a felon.

Only the fraudulent 302 written months later by Strzok and contradicting the original memorandum as proof.

And the Judge who was in bed with Obama to spy on Trump, the buddy planted by Eric Holder to cover his felonious arse, grabbed it and "swallowed" it whole.

7. Once all is revealed with declassification, I'm guessing Morrison will need to address their Congress, as well as the nation, to explain what happened.

I'm pretty sure Alexander Downer is a VERY nervous man, right now.

POTUS Trump will have Morrison's back, you can guarantee it.

Anyway, my objective was to explain why the victory of PM Morrison is a significant event. And a great outcome, not just for Australians, either.

The alternative would have been unthinkable.

The end.

If you think John 'The Bull' Durham looks tough, check out some of his team.

The men have the look of apex predators, but it's the woman who scares me the most.

You can tell just by looking at her, that she's super sharp and tough as nails. I hope lil' Benji Rhodes is her quarry.

I'm guessing that AG Barr has deliberately chosen the most feared prosecutorial team in the entire DOJ, to nail everyone involved in SpyGate. There will be no mercy or f&-ks given by this crew.

Let me get this straight.

Leftists say it's OK for the Democrat AG in 2016 to investigate and frame innocent US citizens for made up crimes, but it's not OK for the 2019 MAGA AG, to investigate guilty US citizens, for real crimes.

You can't make this sh&t up 😂🤦‍♂️

A bunch of masked, black-clad protesters just marched down my street in Brooklyn, beating drums, turning over garbage cabs -- you know -- really threatening stuff. They held banners reading End Plantation USA and asinine messages in that vein. Average age was about 25 I'd say. I think these skirmishes are going to grow and get really violent and we all need to get prepared. We have this new activist class which has the full support of the media, aging liberals, secondary & higher ed. Share info.

The latest colum from @drawandstrike drone Rod Rosenstein's role in neutralizing the plot against Trump set in motion by McCabe and redictering the investigation by appointing Mueller.

The New York Times has issued an apology appearing in the Monday edition of its international edition for having run an abhorrent anti-semitic cartoon this week.

Someone with the NYT organization obviously saw fit to publish the cartoon in the print version of the Opinion section in the international edition, next to a Thomas Friedman column, and presumably will pay dearly for the offense.

The issue was globally distributed.

Four FBI contractors spied on Republicans for more than four years before the 2016 election.

Joe diGenova says "John Brennan isn't going to need one lawyer; he's going to need five".

Whenever I look at the news I'm always thinking are people really this stupid?

Do they really think crazy congressional democrats are going to find something the IRS missed?

Getting so tired of Trump derangement syndrome being abusively forced upon the public by crooked politicians.

Everyone of them needs to be thrown out of office.

I haven't listened to Molyneau in a while.. love him or hate him, he can make you think.. Here's a little talk about bias and thoughts on Julian..

President Putin commented on the conclusion of the Special Counsel investigation of President Trump for the first time yesterday, comparing Mueller’s findings to “a mountain giving birth to a mouse.”

"We have said from the very beginning that this infamous Mueller commission won’t find anything because nobody knows better than us that Russia didn’t interfere in any elections in the United States” he said.


Corporate Bullshit did not leak any classified material. Manning and Snowden did that.

He did not mishandled any classified material either. Hildebrand, Podesta, Powers, Rice and Yates (among others) did that.

He won't be charged with either.

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