2) I was about to join up monthly on paypal but I'm getting tired of the Twatter like censorship I'm seeing here.
If one posts a link showing Muslims celebrating on Facebook, They are posting "lunatic bigotry".
If one believes there may be something true about Qanon, even though REX was a big Qanon commenter on twatter, one might be labeled a "Q-tard".

1) I'm about sick of the self-important "everyone is an idiot but me" vibe at this place. If someone's thoughts are factually incorrect, maybe a scolding, bitchy thread isn't going to be productive.
ONE founding member here Favorited something I said about water drops while another went on a screeeeed saying anyone who doesn't know everything about water drops need to shape up!

Are Americans the only peoples so ashamed and terrified of their country's flag that the mere image gives them the heebie jeebies and turns them into quivering masses of frightened victimhood?

I've heard green frogs, red hats and lots of other things have the same effect on these poor souls. Where did their safe spaces all go?


First pictures are beginning to already merge. Stunning and miraculous.

The Holy Week is indeed about the resurrection! ✝️🙏


Water weighs 8 pounds per gallon. For those that insist airplane or helicopter tankers should have been used in Paris, imagine what a 10,000 gallon water drop at 80,000 pounds would do to the structure. Boom, fire is out but church is a pile of rubble anyway.


Not just the French.

Social Democrats all over the world cannot bring themselves to see terrorists as the enemy.

@ASovereign @Jackie

What???? You don't think a degree in Gender Studies or Microaggression Mitigation Theory serves society? Shame on you. lol

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.