Blocked my first snarky asshole here. That didn't take long.

Brazile just said Adam Schiff is an honorable man.

LOL Twitter must be getting hammered. been barely working for hours. Desktop won't even load. Good riddance!

Just watched "Theranos" on HBO. That woman has cray cray crazy written all over her. A true zealot. I think in a couple of years they will be making a documentary called "Tesla".

Observation: it's so obvious that Twitter is deliberately configuring algorithms, to prioritize DNC apparatchiks in POTUS Trump twitter replies.

Many are deranged.

How stupid can you be? 'Jack Dorsey stupid', I guess.

This won't end well for Jack and his cretinous band of 'progressive' morons. Drunk on arrogance, they've no idea what they're dealing with.

@swirlygal 3 nights in a row of normal, or mostly normal sleep since I started with the liquid melatonin drops. I do feel a little tired in the day but it may be from sleeping so erratically for weeks.👍

Wall being built. Citizenship question on Census. Voter I.D. laws - how about kids?

I'm old enough to remember when the FBI had the cojones to actually go after corrupt Washington bureaucrats -

We need MORE of this and less of coups against a sitting president.

FOX News Hires Former DNC Chair Donna Brazile Who Rigged Presidential Debates for Hillary

George Papadopoulos tweet ... this could be interesting. Wonder what new light, if any, will be shown.

"I will be publishing emails between myself and Alexander Downer’s Australian intel handler, Erika Thompson, over the next few weeks detailing the extent the Australians were actively seeking to sabotage Trump and his team with fake stories"

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