I was watching BB on QVTV/Odysee and the show simply disappeared.
Anybody know what's up?

Bidet keeps repeating a story about how when he was a kid his family sat around the "kitchen table" worrying about the price of gasoline.

I don't remember EVER worrying about the price of gasoline when I was a kid. When I started driving in 1959 gasoline was about 30 cents per gallon.


Fun 'Blather' last night with the new 'gloves off' style on Odysee.
Kudos for making the switch!!

@Lucia @Dawnz

I know what you mean.
But, she dresses so horribly that I have to look. It's like people slowing down to stare at a car wreck!

Anyone who thinks Hunter taught his dad to be a grifter,
rather than Joe teaching his kid,
is insane.

Is it possible that a person nominated to the Supreme Court has never picked up a dictionary?

As the west sanctions Russian airlines, Russia closes its airspace to over-flights from the west, resulting in longer routes, higher fuel consumption.


Sadly, a week ago, at an airfield in Ukraine, the worlds largest aircraft, the six-engined Antonov 225, was destroyed.

Here is a video of it taking off at a recent airshow in Berlin.....


@DeWalt @george

I didn't use to think I would end up being that crazy old man in the woods, but now I'm kinda looking forward to it.

I like Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene.

"The White House seems to have taken a perverse pride in the death and destruction it helped incite in Eastern Europe. ...In order to cover up for what the Bidens and perhaps other senior Obama officials had done in Ukraine, a Democratic Congress impeached Trump for trying to figure out what American policymakers had been doing in Ukraine over the past decade."


If tractor-trailers surround SoFi stadium Sunday to disrupt access to the Super Bowl, they have my blessing.


This report will never see the light of day because it shows what complete and utter liars Biden and his Administration are….IMO.

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