Thanks so much! God is with us. He stilled the winds and chilled the earth. He sent enough rain to finish the job. Super grateful to Him and all the humans who lent their expertise to contain and extinguish this fire. Perfection in execution!

Asking for prayer. Our small town of Bastrop, TX was home to the largest fire in state history a decade ago. A prescribed burn jumped its boundaries today, & we have quite a fire on our hands again. So far, it's nothing like the Bastrop Complex blaze, but this one is close enough & big enough to traumatize many of our citizens, those who survived in 2011 & the numerous new residents. Pray that we stay calm & strong, that God stills the wind, & that our firefighting efforts succeed. TIA!

Habakkuk lived when?!? 😏 He lamented and waited. I’m trying, God!

Per my last post, this is my only sibling. He’s the best big brother ever, and I love him. We’re both healthy and happy! Just sharing the love. 🥰

I've reached the age where I'm purchasing bulk sympathy cards. Ugh! 😢
Don't let this scamdemic keep y'all from ANYBODY. Life is too short. Blessings, QV! ❤️

Just deleted my only other social media account, Nextdoor. It no longer served any useful purpose: all ads, government propaganda, and censorship. I'm so over Big Tech, I could scream! And I used to work with Steve Jobs at Apple. 🙄

It's a very cold Epiphany, but I hope your hearts are warm and 2022 truly blesses you. 🙏 ❤️ ✝️ ✡️

Dump casserole (leftover turkey, riced cauli, Israeli herbs, two cheeses, dash of milk, salt, and pepper = YUM!

Church is canceled tomorrow, because we have 🦇🦇🦇. In my whole life, I never thought I’d get to say for real, “We have bats in the belfry! We have bats in the belfry!” 😆

Bonne Année, QV! A bunch of us descended on Matagorda (TX) for New Year’s fun. The hubs and I jumped into the restaurant’s photo booth, and he piled 3 or 4 items on my head. Notice he bears none. Love this stinker!

So now we’re not allowed to be exposed to any germs at all?? We’re closing and sanitizing stores, so we breathe toxic chemicals instead? What’s worse? My immune system can Mr. T omicron all day long. Noxious fumes? Not so much! What the h-e-double-hockey-sticks has happened to us?!? What happened to “we believe in science”?? This is moronic at best and pure evil at worst. Eff the variant du jour and all its perverted cousins! Eff them all! Sorry. I’m SOOOOOOOOOO over this. 😤

Somebody on our Christmas card list was NOT happy about this year’s offering. I just received the attached email confirmation. This person used *some* of our private information to pull this off. I feel so hurt, so betrayed…also impressed by the anonymity of it all…such courage! 😅😂🤣

"...Billy Graham, once said, “Mountaintops are for views and inspiration, but fruit is grown in the valleys.” Both the mountaintops and the valleys of life make us cry out to Jesus. The mountaintops cause us to praise God, while the valleys cause us cling to God."

We don’t have as many years behind us as others, but our 21 have been so incredibly blessed. We do things and try to make life easier for each other. I find this so romantic! Thank you to all of our awesome men, the ones who give of themselves day after day after day. This Texan loves all y’all!

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