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Secret trip to Ukraine behind our President's back?

"...sudden trip to Ukraine happened behind the President's back."

Nick Fad thread

Can someone help me create a Twat Account after the google # .... I wanna watch Twat on the Primaries

Feb 11 - Tehran,
Massive explosion rocks the Iranian capital at a judiciary branch office. This is a significant security breach, especially as the regime sought to claim national unity while marking the 1979 revolution.

Anyone in Cali here doing tax's noticing that Federal only allows now 10k in deductions from state when doing Federal refunds? I think Trump has a strong reasoning behind the changes in the Tax's. He's pushing people to wake up to the corruptions in the heavy Democrat states, CA, NY, WA. You could literally be in Iowa today and write off your entire tax from the state! I think many more would be willing to move, CA enough is enough!

Then too find their neighbors breaking into their house to steal the TV from the original idiot. I say let them have New York for a month, and make a series about it showing how nuts their logic truly is.

These people are on a new level of stupid. They literally want no law and order. Imagine the stupidity here, Their vandalizing the public transit for free transit. Not sure how breaking something is going to get free transit the next day when it doesn't work.

Then there's the second point, they want to rid the city of police. Imagine being these dumb asses. I could only imagine one of them stealing a 85" Qled TV over violence at a best buy, getting home and setting it up being all like sick..

Good Question on Tucker, how many Genders are there from the Quod audience?

Oh that's right It's election year.... And there's Antifa!🤪 🤡

Crazy... just got off Skype with my uncle in the UK. They're celebrating victory. Search

Where and what is Freedom?
Look back on our history itself, HOA's are now a 2.0

If anyone is on VPN change your location to the UK, then load this. I think the past speaks many time's for the present. As well mirrored, We cant have it both ways!

MAN! Crazy how things in the UK are on TV that would never have a single day in out Country. BBC2 a few hours back had a series running called

Travels In Euroland with Ed Balls

Amazing, I'm looking to purchase his 1st season and get a stream

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.