Sitting there watching every keystroke being reported waiting for it to post

Finally, I got you! Feeling like a hero!

I can just imagine the Twitter Employee sitting behind the desk drinking a soy latte waiting for Thomas to tweet Election Fraud

Thomas gets the second boot from Twitter! Sad platform Twitter is

So now the term Retard gets you kicked from Twitter. Ugly soon to come from this, they are completely fucking mad!

I at this point have no reason for twitter other than getting the news before the media alternatively plays it out!

So now the term Retard gets you kicked from Twitter. Ugly soon to come from this, they are completely fucking mad!

Tomorrow morning we are going to get the transcript from the Hannity/Trump phone call. Schiff is holding a briefing on the topic of release and material as we speak. Whistle-blower already reporting the call discrepancies during the TV call.

1985 French writer....
Found this a great read if you have patients. Long but he really nailed it!

I agreed 1000% on the computer network being the keystone.

it is an Anonymous Dig, I always prefer both sides with anything in news( if not all).

Fox and Trump have had this one well planned. He's literally holding a worldwide Rally with a photo of him looking the camera dead in the eye. I'd be worried more than ever today being on his hit list. If you didn't see the Hannity you gotta see his president photo

The U.S. offered Iran aid to properly address the coronavirus epidemic.

The regime in Iran refused, leaving innocent people to suffer.

This Paul Singer stuff is an eye opener, finally conservatives are going on the attack! Once upon a time a NeverTrumper!

whats your take. Economic attack or earth created attack on mankind?

Corona Virus
Was speaking with my uncle in the UK today on skype. I think the news and the stock market is well overplaying this New strain

2018 we had roughly 80k deaths

This is an Active live tracking of the Virus.

China would be effected the most based on population density and living standards. They use masks daily with or without the threat.

bought this in January 2020. Amazon, now look into those products. Glad I stocked up after that one.

Just watching his stage positioning, crazy how Emmanuel Macron and justin trudeau fall into perfect profiled leaders. I think it's their #1 on OWG

California is so corrupt they dont even hide it. I changed to Republican party 3 months ago so I would be sure to be able to Vote Trump on the Primaries, My brother is registered independent. Our Primary voter ballots are completely different. I'm missing the ability to vote on 26th and 39th districts but am allowed to vote on the 65th. Scam!!!!!

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