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Remember that before the Olympics--when the Chinese built that disgusting metal bird-best stadium--Obama was praising their fakery.

The Chinese literally put up fake storefronts, like on movie sets.

Obama couldn't say enough good things about the Chinese.

I wouldn't be surprised if Obama's people gave up the CIA's assets in exchange for laundered cash.

More business in California good news. 🙄
“I won’t stop , the gov of CA and his liberal ideology ruined my business.. I decided to close the doors today. I can’t do it anymore and I’m irate. Sincerely , a hard working self built self employed California business owner.”

And let’s see what happens with this Mclellan report on SNC-Lavalin that trudeau said yesterday he wouldn’t release till after ethics commish report was released. Obviously, it was written by former Liberal cabinet minister who has been drunk tweeting praise for the PM nonstop.



The UK will exit the 2015 Iran nuclear deal (JCPOA) to secure a major trade deal with the U.S., says former U.S. acting ambassador to the UK Lewis Lukens.

@NevadaJack Oh, Trump does press briefings alright. Lots of them, more than any other President now. And they're HATING it.

Press briefings have EVOLVED.

* No go-betweens.
* Cameras forced to center on him with grass and trees in the background.
* Engine noise muffles/drowns out all their voices.
* Full control over who's asking (without anyone knowing who's asking!).
* His demeanor is as if everything they're asking is reasonable. He just answers. AT LENGTH.

Delicious, isn't it?

@Debradelai @dpgagner @DuaneCates @drawandstrike @ThomasWic It would great if all is assets could be confiscated and distributed to all his victims.

ICE Directer Thomas Homan Humiliates AOC.
I guess you could call it a "golden moment in time." 😂


Steve Goddard Tweet.
The Danish Meteorological Institute who generated these graphs. Greenland gained over 500 billion tons of ice each of the last 2 years and winter snow extent is increasing.

How sad to hear that Lee Iacocca

the Father of the Ford Mustang has passed away...

RIP my friend...

“Ladies and Gentlemen — Trudeau in the white trunks and @realDonaldTrump in the black trunks”

This is the Canadian PM who was at the White House just a few days ago begging President Trump to help him with China impasse.

What a weak loser trudeau is!

G20 today, Canadian PM who said he can’t even get China’s president Xi to talk on the phone about Canada-China impasse, sits beside Xi for several minutes and does not even acknowledge his presence


Very telling how relaxed MBS is around our wonderful Pres. Trump.

Found it.
Immigrants say home countries advertising free life in America

I lived in Asia for several years. Trump is the first American president to 1. Respect the Asian “face” 2. Respect that “face” is not culturally uniform. (Japan/China/Korea/Viet Nam all have their own ways) 3. Meet them on their own terms when on their geographical and digital turf. I’m watching this masterpiece he’s weaving currently with the Korea visit. The tweets, the people gathering already in Seoul- Forget FIFA! Trump is going to win a greater prize.

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