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Cankles leading the charge in the Democrat's election stealing scheme ....

Hillary Clinton Peddles Voting Reform: ‘We Need to Act Now’

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Remains Of 90-Million-Year-Old Rainforest Discovered In Antarctica

Evidence found in an ancient soil sample indicates that during the Cretaceous Period, Antarctica was home to a thriving rainforest on its iceless terrain.

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There is one accurate statement in Galonski's fascinatingly idiotic tirade:

“I honestly have no idea,”

Indeed, it's exeedingly difficult to have any ideas with no brain.

She added:

“But how hard can it be?”

Actually, quite impossible, retard, but go ahead. Call it a character flaw, but I always enjoyed the spectale of an imbecile exposing her idiocy to the world.

I hope enough people egg her on. The crash with reality is going to be glorious.

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"The pandemic ‘sugar pill’ hospital executives sold the Trump administration in 2018. Eighty six percent of hospital administrators reported 18 months ago they were prepared for an infectious outbreak. They were not."

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Democrat turnout is already down this election season across the country.

Their enthusiasm is down sharply and they have a major and deep unhealed internal rift that is only getting worse.

This story is still unfolding - so many situations without precedent.

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Twitter is a joke.

Breadline Bernie gets over 500k likes on his tweet with 11.7 mil followers while President Trump, with over 70mil followers, struggles to get 50k to 100k likes on average when he tweets.

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"...IRS speeds up coronavirus check printing, delivery ahead of schedule.

FOX Business has learned that the IRS has sped up its process and is now targeting “early next week” for the direct deposit checks.

The first checks could be directly deposited as early as Monday or Tuesday with the first paper checks mailed starting April 20.

For anyone needing to adjust their direct deposit information, the IRS will be providing that option by the end of the week. ..."

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@stephanieanne @umad80

You know Wictor used to say, "I don't worry anymore. I've deferred the Executive Branch to President Trump."

This goes for me too. Ever read or watch "Little House on the Prairie?"

Families in the 1800's dealt with hardships we can not even fathom. Families had 7-8 kids, HOPING that 2 or 3 would "make it".

If the crop failed or Indians attacked, that was it. They moved or died.

President Trump HAS ALREADY WON FOR US. Time to hitch the team and git tuh plowin'.

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Who doesn't believe history repeats itself?

Feel the Bern...

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@IndiaMaria @umad80

Perceptive and important observation, and necessary to understanding Fauci's way of communicating.

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"Right to try" and "compassionate use" are democratic compromises which temper the certainty required by FDA's regulatory mandate with some more autonomy for the individual. Dr. Fauci wants proof, as we all do. But now, at least, the bureaucracy doesn't demand that patients die waiting for it.

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Indeed. SARS and COVID-19 are in the same FAMILY of Corona virus. But, kinda like a Badger and a Weasel. Similarities, but VERY different.

What frustrates folks is that FAUCI is a PHYSICIAN, and a PHYSICIAN"S DNA makes him approach disease treatment with a "negative" statements

Trump says "Hey, whadda ya got to lose?"

Fauci says: "It has not yet been PROVEN"

Neither of these statements are mutually exclusive. "Proven" is a very detailed, time-consuming saga to a Physician.

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No. It isn't, and no, they aren't.

Chicoms cannot watch "everyone's teleconference in Zoom" any more than I can read every toot in QV.

SOME are routed through China, not all.

I would definitely not conduct a Cabinet meeting on Zoom (or any other private network for that matter), but for our daily use is more than adequate.

All this hype about Zoom "listening in" on the inanities of the booboisie is just too funny.

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In the business of songwriting we've always used Zoom or Skype for our sessions.
That usage has spiked since the 'stay at home' order.

I'm on those services at least twice a week.


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