She used to be such a pretty young thing before she got woke, infected by TDS and um... pregnant.

Now she's plodding around in public with pepper spray in her cleavage.

LOL ... Big 10 Conference Cancelled Football.

Silly leftists.

And this is what happens when they get caught up in their own rhetoric.

The stupidity is stunning.

We're not losing any money due to this moronic decision.

They are! 😂

U.S. Secret Service

The Houston Field Office and the entire Secret Service sends our condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of fallen Beaumont Police Officer Sheena Dae Yarbrough-Powell.

Well, think I'll head out to the back 40 and get some mowing done in my brand new GET OFF MY LAWN 3000.

Aaaaaaaaaand after 45 minutes of re-configuring my email aggregator, tweaking my YouTube subscriptions, creating a brand new Gmail account, and other associated frustrations ... I'm proud to report I've joined QVTV.

Well, the COVID hysteria didn't stop folks from descending on Sturgis. Attendance is at or above usual levels.


Here's a shot of some of the Nazi maniacs that were on trial.

And here's a pretty good piece on the proceedings:


Here's how it looked at the time of the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal.


Still working on my photo archive and came across this one I wanted to share.

It's the Nuremberg Palace of Justice as it looked in the early 1980's.

Tried to gain access, but apparently the authorities weren't too keen on random Americans asking for access. Had to settle for a few shots outside.


Pancho Villa & Gen. Pascual Orozco enjoying ice cream at the Elite Confectionary in El Paso, 1913. The hatless Orozco is seated across from Villa, who holds his hat on his knees. Proof that even revolutionaries like ice cream!

Gropin' Joe Biden is so close to announcing his VP pick that he can smell her.

One more that I find kinda interesting.

Grandma took a trip to Pike's Peak Colorado in 1929 - one year before she married my grandpa. She's on the far right in the back seat wearing a hat.

Tighter crop.

L/R: Inez Vaughn, Thelma Robinson, Ollie May Thompson, Mrs. Margaret Irby, Eda Belle Heald?, Alice May Power.

Location is Abilene, Texas in the purchasing office of West Texas Utilities.

And here's her father when he worked for the Gas Company. Date unknown, Abilene, Texas.

1st man on left.

I've been working on my massive photo archive lately and just wanted to share this photo.

It's a photo of my maternal grandmother and her co-workers at West Texas Utilities circa 1928.

She's 2nd from the left.

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